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Information courtesy of Wailea Community Association

**The much anticipated Island Gourmet Market broke ground in June and although they fell behind early on they expect to complete the project in the summer of this year. The Shops at Wailea will also begin paid parking in May.

**Also breaking ground this past year in September, the Wailea Residence Inn is well underway and expects to be completed in the spring of 2016. The Wailea Residence Inn will be located on the mountain (Haleakala) side of Wailea Town Center.

**Last fall, the Wailea Blue golf course moved the clubhouse back to its original site across from the Shops. This included some additional retail square footage to the existing structure and a new parking lot addition, as well as a reconfiguration of the hole sequencing. The timing of any additional construction on the site will depend on the new owners of the lot once closing occurs.

**The SF‐11 or Golf Estates 2 project is completing its site work by the end of this month,
with sales of lots and home construction coming in the future.

**A Wailea Cultural Advisory Council has been established by the Wailea Community Association.  A cultural heritage survey was completed recently to gather the real story of Wailea so that it can be shared with all who visit and live in Wailea. As part of this exploration, the need for a Cultural heritage program became apparent.  This program will enhance our ability to market the resort to the growing segment of heritage travelers, and possibly develop new events for the resort.

**Fun Fact: Wailea had 4 of the top ten resorts in Hawaii as voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveler last year, with Wailea Beach Villas ranked number one in the state and number 11 in the US.



For reference, the Following is a synopsis of projects either in the works or planne for the Wailea community. Please note that these are not all scheduled to begin at the same time:

Shops at Wailea Market

-  Island Country Market - Local company as proprietor

-  16,468 s.f. includes market, restaurant and wine bar

-  Submitted to County for permits September 2013

-  Architecture to match existing style of Shops

-  Hours of operation will be similar to current Shops hours

-  Construction began May 27, 2014 and opening anticipated in 2015


Wailea Old Blue

-  First Phase began May 27, 2014

-  Relocated clubhouse in Dec. 2014

-  Site is original location of clubhouse

-  Hole #6 is now hole #1 and #15 is #10

-  Still working on location for driving range

-  Future phases may be 3-5 years off (Parcel is for sale)

-  Architecture in new phases to match style of existing building

-  Landscaping to screen parking from neighbors has been discussed with Ekolu board and will be Arecas



SF-11 (GE-2)

-  Began site work May 28, 2014

- 16 lot single-family subdivision site located between the 15th and 5th Holes of the blue course on the old driving range site. The site will be accessed through the Golf Estates.

-  15 lots will be golf fronting with partial water views and average 14,000 SF

-  The 16 new lots will share ownership of the 3" water meter on site and have individual private sub meters.

-  Each new lot will become part of a land condo home owners association and will be annexed into the Golf Estates HOA.

-  Height restrictions for new buildings will maintain views from existing neighboring properties.

-  New home designs will conform to the WCA CC&Rs. 


-  May-June 2014

    - Start of project, construction of temporary access road, dust fence and sediment control (BMP).

    -  A construction access route is planned through the Manoli's parking lot and behind the women's tee on the 15th hole of the blue course.

-  June-July 2014 - Fill Import and site grading.  

-  July-August 2014 - Underground services installed.  

-  August-Sept. 2014 - Fine grading, sidewalks, curbs, and roadway.

-  October 2014 - Cleanup, Demobilization, BMP removal.

-  Upon completion of site work there will likely be a building program established to develop a number of show homes to potentially facilitate a quicker build out.



MF-11 (Keala o Wailea)

-  Property owned by A&B and being co-developed with Armstrong Builders of Honolulu

-  7 buildings of 10 units each

-  Site is stepped down from Gateway Center

-  Received County permits November 2014

-  Anticipate starting construction in 2015



MF-15 (Makali'I o Wailea)

-  Property owned by Wailea Golf LLC

-  Being co-developed with Armstrong Builders

-  17 buildings of 4 units each

-  Under height restrictions

-  Utilizing existing slope of property to minimize cut and fill

-  Still in engineering

-  Only Preliminary plans submitted to WCA at this time

-  Received County approval October 2014 and construction may begin in mid 2015



MF-7 (Hoku o Wailea)

-  Initially approved in 2009

-  Construction approx. 2 years away

-  75 Multi-family Units

-  15 Three-story, Five-plex Buildings

-  Located Next to Kai Malu

-  Building Permits Near Completion

-  Water Meters Installed



MF-10 (res & condo)

-  10 Home Sites and 36 condominiums approved in 2009

-  No start scheduled at this time pending Wailea Residence Inn construction



MF-10 (Wailea Residence Inn)

-  200 room all-suite hotel

-  Market is families

-  3-4 stories (6 allowed by zoning)

-  Follows slope of land, minimum cut or fill required

-  Construction staging will all be on-site

-  Main entry off Ike Drive across from Ekolu Place

-  Secondary entry off Ike Place next to Town Center

-  Sidewalk will be constructed along Ike Dr. to connect to walks on adjacent properties

-  Project approved by WCA Design Committee with conditions

-  Construction well under way with completion scheduled for March 2016


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