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Photo: Pipeline Shared Office Spaces in Brickell and Coral Gables

     Working from home can be a real drag sometimes... You may find yourself unmotivated to meet deadlines and get your creative juices flowing. There is now a solution for those of us who need a little change of scenery to get our work done: Shared office spaces. We've been watching them pop up around our city from Downtown Miami to Coral Gables. Last year, WeWork, a NY based company with shared office spaces in nine U.S Cities and two in Israel bought a 37,700 squared feet building on Lincoln Road. According to Mark Lapidus, head of real estate for WeWork, these type of businesses in places where there is a large "entrepreneurial market" are in high demand. So, what about the cost? Memberships to shared office spaces range from $99 to more than $3,000 depending on which services you sign up for. Shared offices spaces typically provide food, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, lounge areas, shared workshop areas and much more. Sounds like a little heaven for startups, contractors, artists, small businesses, web designers and basically anyone who works from their laptop. For now WeWork is not open to the public, but they are doing tours for those who are interested in getting a peak of what is going on inside. WeWork should be open to the general public on July 1st. 



     So what do you guys think about these shared office spaces? Is it a place for possible collaborations and networking? Or do you prefer a little more privacy when you getting your work done. Let us know!


Learn more about WeWork Lincoln Road at https://www.wework.com/locations/miami/lincoln-road


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I like these work spaces. Sometimes I need to get out of the house or office to be more productive. Cant wait till it opens!

Apr 23, 2015 05:06 AM