Equity Prime is now on the Inzopa Network!

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Equity Prime is now on the Inzopa Network!


Spearheaded by Stephen Carpitella and Christopher DeMatteis, Equity Prime has been helping consumers with their mortgage needs from all over the East Coast.

Their focus is in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware but they have proven to excute loans in South Carolina, North Carolina, TennesseeFlorida and Minnesota as well!


Just over the past few years, Stephen Carpitella has funded:

- 120 Mortgages for self-employed consumers

- 42 mortgages for retired consumers

- 20 mortgages for veterans

- 45 Mortgage for vacation homes

-52 Mortgages for investment properties

- 317 FHA loans

- 20 VA loans

- 4 reverse mortgages

- 66 mortgages for PUD homes

- and a whole lot more!


The Equity Prime team has experience in dealing with all sorts of loan types such as FHA Loans, Jumbo Loans, VA loans, and Reverse Mortgages. They also have the ability to work with Self-employed consumers, Retired clients and Veterans.

Equity Prime has a diverse team with eons of experience:

- Stephen Carpitella

- Mike Carvajal

- Demetri Charitos

- Matthew Weber

- Christopher DeMatteis

- Brian Brown

- Anthony Calandra

- Robert Wrazen

- Kerry Cole

Evan Beach

- Lawrence Bergen

- Linda Pietrzyk


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