Water Restrictions

Real Estate Sales Representative with Rossman Realty

Living in SW Florida causes major concern when it comes to fresh water. In most years, the time frame between January and June causes major concern for fresh water levels. I have seen wells go dry, massive fires, lakes start to dry up, etc.

So each and every year the SouthWest Florida Water Management gets concerned about irrigation of lawns, watering the gardens, washing the car, etc. They have put in placea once a week watering restriction for all of SW Florida and 2 times a week for people in Cape Coral who can use reclaimed water.

Don't get me wrong, the restrictions are good but, this year we have had an abundance of rain compared to most years. Now the talk is to loosen up the resrictions. Wouldnt it make more sense to keep the restictions the same all year round? Lawns do not need a lot of water, 4 to 8 hours per week is sufficient.

Fresh water is critical. Please conserve. Fresh water is precious. Stop playing with the restrictions.

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