I just don't get it.

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We recently gained a new member to our Virtual Access Tour family. Barbara G.  a real dynamo Realtor with over 20 years experience and success.  Barbara has always been a top producer and though the market is slow, she still was doing pretty good in spite of it. Barbara wanted to expand her knowledge and change things up a bit. 

Barbara began to reach out to her fellow realtors offering her new virtual tour service and Barbara quickly learned that Realtors on average will not invest in themselves. This has been our biggest hurtle.

Barbara just couldn't get it, why a business person could not do the math. If you stand to get a commission of 8,000 why wouldn't you invest in a virtual tour that will only cost you $100, give you increased exposure, make you look good to your client and get a marketing tool for future prospecting? In the scheme of things it just doesn't make any sense.  

Sometimes we think we can do it better, faster and cheaper ourselves, but something's got to give and its most likely your business of prospecting, servicing clients and closing deals.  If you average out how much you earn per hour and it exceeds minimum wage, then why would you do a minimum wage task than working on what your worth.

 I always equate these Realtors to FSBO's. Why do 58 % of FSBO's turn to Realtors to sell their homes, because they lack the expertise that a professional Realtor can provide. Are you a FSBO? It all comes down to your time is your money.  Barbara has begun to help other Realtors do the math and now we have a lot of new math wiz clients!

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Barry Smith
Excellent Service Realty - Saint Petersburg, FL
What proof is there that virtual tours sell houses ?  Haven't houses sold without them ? I really can't see doing a virtual tour on your average house. The rooms are too small and it just doesn't translate visually. A large expensive home, sure.
Apr 12, 2008 03:23 AM
Cathy Williams
Virtual Access Tours Monmouth and Ocean County NJ - Freehold, NJ

Hi Barry,

Your right some home should not have tours. Its more about investing in yourself in general. We have many clients that only do tours on very few of their listings, for various reasons like they got a contract before they could order the tour or they can get by without one. But there are times when its to their best interest to get a tour of a really nice home big or small for multiple reason: to ad to their portfolio, to get their face next to a quality listing which will attract new clients and maybe their client wants one.

Virtual tours don't sell homes, the Realtor does. its just an enticement to get them to call you!

Apr 12, 2008 03:48 AM
Clint Miller
Real Estate Pipeline, Inc. - Missoula, MT
Cathy -- I ask myself the same questions in my industry all the time.  And, if you figure out a way to get the point across, let me know.  :-)
Apr 12, 2008 03:57 AM
James Lockard
RE/MAX Properties - Saddle River - Allendale, NJ
Realtor, Allendale, NJ
In some real estate websites homes with virtual tours rank above homes with just pictures which rank above homes with no pictures.  One reason to do a VT!
Apr 12, 2008 10:26 AM
Jamie Stimpson
Keller Williams West Monmouth - Freehold, NJ
I think most agents are cutting back and trying to figure out what the best place to spend their money  may be. While higher priced homes may expect a virtural, many average priced homes do not. While I agree they are a great tool, to have one for every home is not really cost effective. In this industry there are tons of things to spend your money on that change from the must haves, to the should haves ,to the would be nice catagory. Agents may not  be spending it  on a tour ,but trust me it is being spent somewhere.
Apr 30, 2008 01:06 AM
Cathy Williams
Virtual Access Tours Monmouth and Ocean County NJ - Freehold, NJ

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your response and comments


May 01, 2008 09:23 AM