How can I close 30 transactions this year in the DC Metro/Frederick County area?

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OK so I went to an evening sales meeting last night, even though we have many dual career agents in our office (I am one of them) I was the ONLY person at the meeting.  This was great, I basically had a one on one with our Team Leader.  He mentioned seeing a post on active rain that an agent posted and the jist of it was how he wanted to close 30 transactions this year.  I thought it was a great way to get some ideas from agents. 

So let me explain my situation a bit.  I have been licenced for more than 4 years.  I have not done many deals in that time.  I would love to be doing real estate full time and quit my day job.  I don't feel as though my SOI is a great source of referrals, although I do keep in touch with them (mostly via email).  I don't really like going out and schmoozing, I am really a homebody.  However, I am a very personable person when I am out and do interact with people.  In other words when I go out I am not just a bump on a log.  I just prefer not to go out all the time.  I am not the type of person that gives out the 30 second elevator speech or strikes up a conversation while in line anywhere.  I am involved in a networking group and do participate and have gotten one referral.  The group is not as strict as BNI and we have been meeting for about a year.  I also have just gotten together with a couple of friends that sell Arbonne and we are thinking of ways to generate business/leads for eachother.  I am also partnering with another dual career agent that knows everyone in town and is the type of person that likes to go out and schmooze.   Not much has materialized yet, but I am sure it will.  Be both have limited funds at this time, very limited funds.   

I am the type of person that wants to help people and I am confident that I CAN help people. 

With all of that said, how can I close 30 transactions this year?   How can I start adding people to my database that will know that "Hey, I am Brian and I am a Realtor and I want to do business"?  How can I start getting leads/clients?

Please feel free to give me your comments, I look forward to reading them. 

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Tracy McNeil
Crye-Leike - Olive Branch, MS
Vice President, Broker - CRS, ABR


First, I applaud your effort to enlist help.  The key here then is to take the ideas that you get from these responses and start applying them IMMEDIATELY.  Not all things will work for you or be a fit for you, but I would implore you to try them all anyway.  That said, there are hundreds of different ways to find business, so I won't even attempt to go into all of them. Instead, I am going to give you one idea.

When an agent in your office either gets a brand new listing, or closes a sales, go and ask them if they will be directly contacting the neighbors.  If they will, then back off . . . but if they say that they aren't, then ask them if you can.  Most agents will be fine with this (I know I would).  So then here is what you do:

Either call or knock on the doors of the 30 closest neighbors (knocking is more effective) . . . and here is what you will say:

Around a New Listing: "Mr. Homeowner, I am Brian Schenker with Keller Williams Home Towne Realty.  I wanted to stop by to let you know that our office just listed the home at XXX Address (point to the house) and you will soon start seeing some traffic over there that you don't normally see.  We like to let the neighbors know about this as soon as possible just so you aren't alarmed by any strangers that you see at the house.  As well, many times neighbors are the best source of buyers for homes that we have just listed in the neighborhood.  I have personally found that people like the opportunity to pick their own neighbors, wouldn't you agree?  So, my second reason for stopping by was to ask who you might know that is thinking of moving that might make a good neighbor for you."  This should open up the conversation.  They will either know of someone or they won't, but the bottom line is that they will typically be glad that you stopped by . . . and now you have one more person in Frederick, MD that knows you are a great real estate agent.  Be sure to follow up with a hand-written note to them the next day with your card in it.  Of course you will give them a card while you are there too, and possibly a flyer on the house.

Around a New Closed Sale: "Mr. Homeowner, I am Brian Schenker with Keller Williams Home Town Realty.  I wnated to stop by to let you know that our office just sold the home at XXX Address (point to the house) and you will soon start seeing your new neighbors move in. (Here they may ask you about the new neighbors, and you can just tell them that you did not personally represent the buyers and so unfortunately you don't really know anything about them).  The second reason I wanted to stop by is that we still have ads in the magazines for this property and are still receiving calls, mostly because buyers really like this neighborhood.  I was hoping that you might know of someone else in the subdivision who may be thinking of selling, in case we get a hot buyer from those ads." Again, this should simply open up a conversation and they will either know of a neighbor who is thinking of selling or they won't.  But again, you will have just made one more good contact with someone in your community.  Be sure to send that hand-written not when you get back to your office.

Where the power of this really can come into play is if you had knocked on the same 30 doors when the house was listed, and then again when it was sold (especially if it happened in a short time frame).  You also need to be sure to now put these folks into some drip campaign so that they remember who you are.

Now I am not going to BS you and tell you that you are going to pick up a buyer or seller every time you go out and do this, but there is potential.  AND this should fit in perfectly with the fact that you are Dual-Careered.  You can do this every night and on the weekends if you chose (assuming your office generates enough new listings/closings each week).  The other nice thing is that this is very non-threatening for the homeowners . . . in their mind, you are doing them a favor and just letting them know what is going on in their neighborhood.

Good luck and good selling!


Apr 12, 2008 03:58 AM
Mike Norvell Sr
Morris Williams Realty - Leesburg, FL
Norvell Consulting Group

Brian     & you too Tracey..

We used to call that picking up crumbs and making whole loaves...It looks funny written down...But I agree, it does work....I will give anyone reading a small hint for more phone calls off your listings............. put a yellow hand written bandit sign in the yard alon g with your regular real estate sign....and see the increase in calls from day tip...have a seperate number for this sign call and don't answer it, have it go to a voice mail where they can leave you a name and number message...I did this on my vacant foreclosure properties and nearly blew my phone up...Most of the leads will be crap, but you are going to be happy with the few that are worth the effort

Apr 12, 2008 04:10 AM
Tracy McNeil
Crye-Leike - Olive Branch, MS
Vice President, Broker - CRS, ABR
Interesting ideas Mike.  Thanks.
Apr 12, 2008 04:48 AM
Gary McNinch
Better Properties Real Estate - Renton, WA
Broker, Renton WA Real Estate


Have you implemented the steps in the 4-4-3 class.  Do that and then learn your dialogues and knock your own neighborhood.  Or one close that has a reasonable turn over ratio.  You will have to be out meeting people, at least one on one.  Everyone you meet, goes in your database.  Then you contact them like the MREA book says.

List and Sell (be persistent and lead generate every day)  Gary @ RentonHomeFinder

Apr 12, 2008 03:39 PM

Hellow everyone,

Just wanted to stop by real quick and thank you for your advice.  I will be commenting further soon.  Thanks again

Apr 14, 2008 11:52 PM
John Thomas
Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. - Newark, DE
First Time Home Buyer Expert

Hi Biran,

  Have you thought about trying to hold a First Time Home Buyer Seminar or a how to sell your Home seminar?  These are great ways to get your name out there and it helps to boost your database.  I am a loan officer and I hold a first time home buyer seminar every month.  If you need tips let me know.

John Thomas - Certified Mortgage Planner


Apr 15, 2008 01:31 AM
Stephen C. Olczak
Mortgage Help - Fort Myers, FL

Brian, I agree, the sooner you start various strategies the sooner you will see what produces results.  Most marketing efforts are usually seeds planted now that will bear fruit in the future, although some are more immediate.

Good luck

Steve Olczak

Apr 15, 2008 05:05 AM
Latonia Parks
Top Bragg Realty, Fayetteville NC, Home of the 82d ABN DIV - Fayetteville, NC
Certified Military Relocation Expert
I have enjoyed reading the comments and I look forward to more.
Apr 15, 2008 05:56 AM
-- Casey Brischle
Columbia Bank - Spokane, WA
Spokane Home Loan Mortgage Professional
Tracey, Great breakown!  Good luck to you Brian!  You can do it!
Apr 15, 2008 08:28 AM