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As a lifer of the DC metro area, Alexandria to be specific, there's not much I don't absolutely adore about the area.  I've tried other states, went as far west as possible and I still decided: home is home, and my home is in Alexandria.  No, no, I'm not running for city Ambassador, just a true love for this place that I call home and also work.

It got me thinking this morning, as we were leaving my son's tball game, how much the quality of our lives and work/life balance is due to the living and working where we love.  Perhaps this image looks familiar?

This, my friends, is the Capital Parking Lot Beltway at 5pm on Thursday.  You may also notice the EZ Pass in the time I got to the EZ pass lane entrance, it was $11.30 to access it to 395.  Nope, that's not a typo...for real, $11.30 to drive 7 miles, sans gridlock. 

Yes, one could argue, bad timing on my part to have been at an appointment in Bethesda, MD this time of day; but what about the other zillion of folks thats stopped in both directions, who can't control their timing of their workdays?

I offer this image as a reminder, when house hunting, to add specific location to your list of "non-negotiables", right there under price and number of bedrooms.  The awesome thing about this area is that each city/community can offer you a reprieve from the madness, with shopping, recreation and often times, employment, available within a sanity-saving distance of your home. 

Get hyper-local in your home search, and hire the right agent that can get you the real perspective.  Let your agent be your ally, we provide our clients intimate details that no housing search engine is able to convey. Start your search now!

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Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana - West Lafayette, IN

Holly, this is great advise about consumers searching online to approach a local real estate professional to get perspectives and information not readily available from the online search portals!

Time is money to many and they will gladly pay that fee to use the fast lane! 

Myself, I prefer to live outside the hustle and bustle of city traffic;  to each their own and a local real estate agent can help them find that home that meets their needs!

May 02, 2015 01:48 AM
Holly Williams
Samson Properties - Alexandria, VA
The H. Williams Group

Thanks, Bruce.  You're right, although the shock of $11 is still stinging, it did shave off an hour from my commute on Thursday!

May 02, 2015 02:16 AM