Homes For Sale in Westleigh (North Potomac)

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Homes For Sale In Westleigh,Westleigh, North Potomac     North Potomac


 Homes For Sale in Westleigh


Why Do People Live Here?


Wootton High School and is excellent system of feeder schools are one of the big draws to this neighborhood. A redesign of Route 28 and Darnestown Road has reduced the time needed to get to Route 270, a major North-South artery and major employment area. The entire North Potomac area has expanded along with local Germantown and Gaithersburg so that good jobs can be found with out the traditional commute to Bethesda or Washington, DC.


What is The Neighborhood Like?


Unlike a lot of North Potomac neighborhoods, Westleigh is on both sides of Route 28. While not a problem in itself, Route 28 has gone from a small 2 land road to a well travelled 4 lane major road. With the onset of more parental supervision, children need to be driven from the east side of Route 28 to the West side for recreation areas such as the community pool.

A variety of homes are available in Westleigh. They  range from 1,500 SF ramblers and split Levels to larger colonial homes up to 4, 800 SF. There 12 townhomes. There is also a fairly large barn complex the at was once used and a by referral specialty animal clinic. Home prices range form the low to mid $500,000 for the ramblers and splits to almost $900,000 for the larger sized colonials.


What is Going On Nearby


The addition of Shady Grove Hospital, the mixed use communities of Kentlands and Lakelands, and an extension campus of the University of Maryland has increased the surrounding population to the point where higher end retail and grocery stores have moved in. Along wit the all important availability of Starbucks. Also, schools have expanded, along with  family entertainment such as movies, restaurants, and organized sports.

The redesign of Route 29 plus Darnestown Rd. and the Westleigh boundaries on those streets cutt down on commuting time. The neighborhood borders parts of Rockville to the south. This is an area of more expensive homes, high quality amenities and employment.


What Schools Will Children Attend?


Always check with the county of schools boundaries. They are always changing. As of this writing children attend Wootton High School and its feeder system of Elementary Schools (Dufief Elementary) and Middle Schools (Frost Middle School).








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