Hidden Gem in your backyard when you live in Tiburon, CA

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There are many reasons why people want to buy homes and live in certain neighborhoods. While Marin has many reasons like top ranked public schools, easy access to Mount Tamalpais, warmer weather than San Francisco, and a short commute to the city, there is another one for Tiburon residents specifically. In our backyard is one of the most unique and beautiful mountains with several hiking trails. Ring Mountain is not often showcased, but may be one of the most remarkable hikes with views of Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, The Richmond Bridge, the East bay, and Sausalito. There are rocks According to Marin County Parks, " This windswept ridge high atop the Tiburon Peninsula is truly one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on this planet. The battle to preserve Ring Mountain serves as a shining example of how the efforts of a few determined individuals can ultimately benefit future generations. Due to the efforts of concerned citizens (led by local conservationist Phyllis Ellman) this area was saved from development when it was purchased by the Nature Conservancy. In 1995, the land (367 acres) was deeded over to MCOSD.

Tiburon Mariposa LilyThe unique geology and microclimate of this location provide a home for a number of rare plants. The soils on the ridge are heavily laced with the mineral serpentine. Soils derived from this mineral are toxic to most plants, but a number of species have evolved mechanisms to survive on serpentine. As a result, where serpentine soils are found, there are usually isolated populations of rare plants. The most extreme example of this phenomenon is the Tiburon Mariposa Lily, which is found on the upper slopes of Ring Mountain, and nowhere else on earth.

There are several access points to the trails on this preserve, but the best approach is to start at the trailhead on Paradise Drive and follow the Phyllis Ellman Loop Trail to the top. During spring, the wildflowers along the way can be breathtaking, as are the views of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area at your feet."

Ring Mountain is one more reason to buy a home and live in Tiburon, Ca and have the wilderness begin literally in your back yard.


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