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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of Social Marketing

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The point is - you’ve seen the incredible claims, scare tactics, and “Buzz” about Social Marketing…

The claims have become so outrageous about the “streets paved with gold”; it has become difficult to tell reality from fantasy.

There are effective ways to use Social Marketing that don’t involve spamming, creating 100s of Bookmarking accounts, and your efforts are directed to YOUR internet property, not some third-party Social Media site

We are all about using your time effectivly… no matter whether you a seasoned Internet veteran, or brand new to the business… time is the most valuble asset you have… use it wisely… we always look for tactics that produce the best Return On Effort (ROE)

In our first issue of GiantSlayer vNews we show you in real time how you can have Your pages ranking in as little as ten minutes…

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