5 Key Things To Do Before You Sell

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Seriously you may laugh and think this is ridiculous, but wait until the shoe is on the other foot and you'd be surprised at how many people won't do these simple things.


1.     CLEAN!...Yes seriously nobody wants to see the little curlies on the bathroom floor, tub or toilet seat. (see, that face your making now is what a potential Buyer will make).  Seriously wipe down; fixtures, baseboards, doors, doorways, counters, floors, windows, pretend your favorite Movie Star Crush is coming over just please people CLEAN.


2.     MOW!...Yes mow your lawn, trim the hedges, clip the trees back put some fresh flowers out and yes I know California is in a drought. I am not saying pour gallons of water on your yard, but strategically sprinkling your lawn. Watering your lawn for example at 3 am for just a couple of minutes in most areas will keep your grass more on the green side then brown. 


3.     DE-CLUTTER!...Yes you know that, you even advise your friends to de-clutter their homes, but do you? Family photos, nick-knacks, books, TV remotes and all the other 15 remotes we all have, shoes, over stuffed closets and cabinets empty things out.  Buy some plastic tub containers and neatly storing your items in the garage ... you’re moving after all so start packing.


4.     PAINT!...Do you know how cheap paint is?  Seriously, okay you may not be handy with painting and you may have to hire someone so the cost goes up, but still it’s one of the lower cost home repairs you can do!  Here are some top reasons that why you may need to paint. 1. You have 2 kids, (that alone J) all kidding aside kids are harder typically on houses than adults but usually the primary reason isn't as much wear as it is individuality.  Letting each kid pick their own room color, is fun and a great way of letting them express themselves... but Home Buyers aren't keeping your kids with the house.  So it’s time to paint those rooms into tones that complement the house and keep a more neutral palette.  2. A room is too dark it makes it feel cold or small, needs to be brightened up.  3. Colors are not complimentary to other fixtures in the home such as the flooring, cabinetry etc. (Cheaper to paint then to replace those other items).  4. You haven't painted your home in 10 years.  (yes painting is a  maintenance item you need to keep your paint fresh...if you lived in your house hard, banging walls, dirty hands then you may need to paint your home more often...critically look at your walls what kind of shape are they in).  Lastly get bids if you it is a big job or you are not skilled at painting.


5.    STAGE!... Not necessarily professionally, but don't rule it out.  You may stage your home with your own furnishings and items, or it may be a mix of some new and some old.  Either your Realtor or a Professional Designer/Decorator can assist you in what options and budget you can work with. A home that is presented with all of these 5 Key Steps WILL sell faster and for more money than its competition that doesn't do this.  This is the last step, but if you’re not willing to do the 4 steps above, staging will not be worth it.  Always seek a professional’s advice, friends and family mean well but this isn't something they do every day.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, as a Certified Interior Designer and a Licensed Realtor I work for my clients to help them get their best foot forward!



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Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana - West Lafayette, IN

Giselle, these are great tips with low cost that most homeowners can do, IF they are willing to get to it and do some very hard work for a couple of weeks to prepare for listing their home.  Some fresh mulch(I love black) can really make the flowers and green shrubs POP!

Hope and pray you get lots of gentle rain to end that drought before summer, Giselle!

May 08, 2015 04:01 AM
Jerry & Giselle Lampe
Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley - Napa, CA
Lampe & Lampe Napa Valley Realtors

Thank you Bruce a little rain would be nice, the hard thing is in our everyday life we don't really see it, but when you go up to a lake your eyes are wide open. 

May 08, 2015 04:23 AM