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Kitchen Designing 101




1. Think realistically about your lifestyle.
A lot of people have an unrealistic vision of how they live or how they imagine they'll live once they have a new kitchen.  We have to design for real life, not fantasy.  We're creatures of habit, and a renovated kitchen isn't going to alter those habits.

2. Don't get stuck on a fantasy wish list.
When picking out items to add to your kitchen, ask yourself: Is this essential?  If it is not, chances are you don’t need it.  

3. The renovation won't be fast.
In fact, it will take a lot longer than you thought.  Most renovations take a minimum of six months — more likely nine months.  If you can vacate your house during the construction, do it. Your life will be less chaotic, your nerves less frayed, and the job will go quicker.


4. Don't focus on perfection until everything is finished.

5. Appliances
Quality appliances are more robust, more powerful, less disposable, faster, handle more heat and they look and are better designed.

6. Stick to classic lines and timeless materials, but don’t be afraid of color.

7. Keep your kitchen modest if you care about resale value.
You want the look and design to be timeless, not trendy.  Resist your impulse to be creative and avant-garde with your materials.  You want to use well-respected brands for cabinetry and appliances, even if you have to spend more than you'd like.  You want the association of quality attached to your kitchen.

8. Spend on what your kitchen deserves.
If you want your kitchen to look amazing, budget accordingly.

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John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Sergio & Jan - This is very beautiful kitchen design that can add value to the home.

May 08, 2015 01:12 PM