Are you Dressed up Right? What about your Listing...

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Studies have shown that Buyers or Sellers or infact Most of the Human beings have natural tendency to choose a Well Dressed Agent. 

Well! Everyone Knows that

But Do you Know a Well Dressed Property is More Likely to Sell Fast than NotWellDRessed ( Not sure if this is a word)* 

Example( Scroll Below):

Well Staged Property                                                   VS                     NotWellDressed Property


 Staged Property                        Not Staged

Key Things you can do to Stage your Property Better:

1. Awesome Entrance: First thing that Buyers will see is how property looks from Outside. Make it sure it is clean, properly Landscaped and Pretty

2. Kill the Klutter ( or Clutter): Clutter doesnt have to be Messy. Its Small things that matters e.g ( Imagine a Buyer Walks in to this site) Courtsey: I stole this pic from one of my Friend's FB page where it was shared today and she took it while showing the property to her Buyer. Couldn't resist


3. Furniture and Beautiful Items:

If you are not an expert then hire a expert who can tell things like " A room will look bigger if furniture is not stacked against the wall" and many other suggestions like these But Furniture should appeal the eyes.

4. Home is where I want to be: Basically the whole House should feel like home. Imagine yourself in their shoes and make sure that you really want to come to that place in the evening and call it "Home"

5 Wall to remember: Put some Nice Fixtures and Paintings on Walls so that they really wanna just see those Fixtures and paintings

6. Stomach can open ways to Wallet: Make sure Kitchen should be Clean well Staged as this is the most used place in the house( after Bedroom and Restroom)

7. Crusin in Backyard: Backyard should appear relaxing and it should be the place that they want to sit down and have a Beer

8 Spread the Light: The Lightening in the rooms should be great as everyone loves greatly lit spaces


I am sure you will have another Thousand Ideas on How to Dress a House to Sell. Do share your Thoughts and I hope you enjoyed reading this

Happy Selling!



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Mahesh Kashyap


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Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Price it right because if out of line, everything else is a waste of time in the pretty as a picture. But ain't gonna sell no matter how high powered the marketing ray gun.

May 11, 2015 03:39 AM
Mahesh Kashyap

Andrew Mooers It is Supplement to Right Price and when combined with that gets you Top Dollar for your Listing.... Only Pretty Picture doesnt Sell it...This goes with assumption that you are doing other things right

May 11, 2015 05:14 AM