Steve Daley - Mortgage Broker - Westwood Mortgage - Seattle, WA

Industry Observer

Steve Daley - NMLS #36993

Steve Daley is a Mortgage Professional in Seattle, WA. Steve has been with Westwood Mortgage for over 25 years. Steve being one of the top producers in the state of Washington has been able to fund a wide variety of loan types. In his free time, Steve enjoys golf, skiing and volunteering for his community.

On Inzopa, Steve has completed 269 Mortgages.

- These mortgages ranged from $53,950 - $809,250.

- 30 of Tom's mortgages were completed for self-employed clients

- 6 of these transactions were for retired consumers.

- Steve has closed 19 loans for investment properties.

- 12 of Steve's transactions were for vacation homes.

- Steve has helped 6 people secure an FHA Loan.

- Steve has helped 161 people refinance their properties.

- Steve has also helped 9 people secure an VA Loan.

- Steve has funded 251 Single Family Homes, 17 Condos, and 1 PUD.

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