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I was working with some Agents to set up their profile on ZipandFind and I was astonished to see some of the obvious differences in the Quality of Professional Pics. Here are some Tips

1. Only dressing up doesnt mean that you are getting Professional Pic ( or may be you are). Obviously You need to dress up very Sharp

2. Be mindful of your Background. Is it too Dull? or is it too Bright Colors? Hire a Professional ( a Really Good one). Spending More money here will assure you is a Great Future Investment in your Business

What about your Listings? Are you Hiring Professional Photographer to do that or if your iPhone is doing all the Magic. Here are few Ideas and my personal thoughts

1. One Agent came Back to me and said I have DSLR and Photography has been hobby of mine:

Don't be that agent. Don't buy expensive cameras, Let Professionals do their Job. You are in Business of Helping your Clients to Purchase of Sell their Properties so Please stick to that.

2. But it Cost more and I dont know if it is worth spending that much Money( Commission is low on this property!) You are creating your Legacy, you Brand Name, your Work Ethics and more. Never compromise on quality of work, you will see the Results. 

Anyways Studies have shown that on an average a professional Photographer might cost around 0.08-0.09% of Value of Property( these numbers may vary)

3. Do yourself a Favor. One Day Imagine you are not an agent and try looking into Properties online. I am sure good Pics will attract you and you will click on them to atleast see the properties.

What about Good looking Pictures of Agents? I bet you will be more inclined toward agent who looks more Sharp and Professional

Again, I am writing this knowing all of You Guys are BEST LOOKING GUYS in REAL ESTATE COMMUNITY but just wanted to share thoughts after looking at some Professional Pictures.


Happy Selling!

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