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cincinnati3Once nicknamed “the Paris of America,” Cincinnati is a bustling city positioned at the southwestern corner of the state of Ohio. The Ohio River, which forms a border between Ohio and Kentucky, splits off into Kentucky’s Licking River just south of Cincinnati. The city is home to one of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball, the Cincinnati Reds, and hosts a multitude of cultural activity, including unique foods, a thriving theatre scene, diverse and intriguing architecture, and large annual events featuring local culinary artists and musical performers.

The Queen City

The most recent census reported the population of the metropolitan area to be 2,214,954 – the 28th-largest metropolitan area in the United States and the largest in the state of Ohio. The city has a long history beginning with its initial settlement in 1788. Cincinnati developed quickly; by 1840 it was the sixth largest city in the country in regard to population. It was the first major city founded after the American Revolution and was the first U.S. city established inland, it is sometimes considered the first genuine American city. In addition, the city was developed with less European influence than its East Coast counterparts, though Cincinnati’s substantial German population has contributed much to the city’s culture throughout the years.

The decline of steamboats led by the end of the 19th century impeded Cincinnati’s growth, but the city withstood the Great Depression better than other similarly sized cities mostly due to a revival of river trading. After enduring the flood of 1937, considered one of the worst floods in U.S. history, the city of Cincinnati continued to develop into the sprawling, lively, and culturally rich city as it stands today.

Cincinnati is known for its contrast between hot and humid summers, with temperatures peaking at 76° F (24° C), and snowy winters yielding average temperature lows of 31° F (-0.5° C); however, winter temperature lows are known to fall to 0° F (-18° C) at a rate of approximately 2 to 3 nights per year.

Development in Cincinnati, particularly housing development, has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Almost $3.5 billion has been invested in further development within the city’s urban core, which is becoming increasingly residential. Many gorgeous houses, condos, apartments, and even mansions can be found as a Cincinnati Ohio real estate MLS listing. With a diverse selection of homes to choose from, you are sure to find a home that matches your needs and your budget!

Life in Cincinnati

Cincinnati features many buildings notable for their unique architectural properties or historical ties, such as the Ingalls Building, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, the Carew Tower, the Isaac M. Wise Temple, and the Scripps Center. Cincinnati’s downtown district features Fountain Square, located in the center of the Central Business District and considered by many residents to be the heart of the city. Downtown’s Backstage District offers many dining and nightlife options perfect for those looking for a night on the town. Cincinnati’s downtown district is also home to numerous museums (such as the Taft Museum of Art and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center), the Great American Ball Park (home stadium of the Cincinnati Reds), and many major corporation headquarters and luxury condos. Downtown Cincinnati, as well as other sectors of Cincinnati, is becoming progressively more residential. Perhaps your dream home can be found as a Cincinnati Ohio real estate MLS listing!

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