5 steps to buying a New Construction Home Step 3

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3. What do you get for your money?

When you buy a new home, some things are included and some are not.

Some builders include almost everything, including window treatments and appliances.

Other give you very low end floor coverings, flat paint, Formica counter-tops........

But wait, you can go to the "Design center" and pick out your upgrades.

This is the step that can really cost you money, it can increase the final price of your home. from $200,000 to $240,000. And many times you can get the same upgrades, at half the cost, by doing it later.

For example, you can get tile floors and granite counter-tops for a big savings, if you get them after you buy your home.

The real trick is knowing what is "important" during the building process, for example, having extra electrical outlets installed, will cost you a great deal more if you have them put in later, while getting a paver patio will be an item to do later.

One thing I have found, that needs to be done during construction, is hardwood flooring on the slab level, the slab can be poured so a high quality, thicker wood can be recessed, and meet the same level as carpetting and ceramic tile, giving it a clean professional look.

The trained eye and the past experience of a Real Estate professional, can prove to be a very valuable asset during this portion of the sale process, and remember, the builder will pay for a buyers agent to represent you.

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