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We all goes to Networking Events, Functions and places where we interact with many folks, take their Business cards and try to create opportunities. There are some of the Basic Skills we all have to learn in order to increase your Personal and Business Network multifold.

1. Be Yourself: Try to be Genuine as most people are looking for someone whom they can trust and build Relationships

2. Always set a Goal before you go to an event: Make sure you know what kind of professionals or folks are coming to the event and have a clear cut goal of what you need to get out of that event

3.Volunt-teer: Do you Volunteer? If not this is the best way to show that you are here to serve and great way to connect

4. Yes or No? : Dont ask questions for which a person can simply say Yes or No. Show some interest in conversation ask How, Where, When type of questions

5. Are you Useful? Can you be a good resource for someone? If yes then make sure that you are definitely saying hello to that group

6. You have 30 Seconds: Prepare your Elevator Pitch as People will listen to what you do for max 30 seconds . After that they will either be interested or you have to do better next time

7. Smile and have some Jokes Ready: Do smile and you should have one or two jokes ready to lighten up the mood

8. Followup: Humans tend to forget quickly. You should Followup within 1 Business day in order for them to remember about you

There are many more tricks to become a successful in Networking....The Best way to learn is to get out of that couch and hit some of these events

Happy Selling! 

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Mahesh Kashyap


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Raoul Loustaunau
EXP REALTY - Phoenix, AZ

great points Mahesh and good to refresh what we should know, thanks have a great day

May 20, 2015 08:09 AM