Storm damage to homes

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Brad Diepholz found the following information about storm damage.


Don’t let storm damage delay your closing. Many residents in the United States get some type of storm damage every year. In some areas you could receive up to six hail and wind storms a year.


Hail damage by definition is any damage resulting from hailstones that are .75” in diameter or greater that cause substantial damage to homes or personal property. For the untrained eye this may be hard to spot standing on the ground and looking up at the roof.


High winds are also considered a part of storm damage. When dealing with high winds it could bend your shingle back resulting in a weak spot for water to seep through.

photo found by Brad Diepholz              photo found by Brad Diepholz

photos found by Brad Diepholz


Roofs are number one when it comes to damage resulting from a hailstorm. A damaged shingle may allow water to seep through the roof causing additional damage to the inside.


Hail damage on asphalt shingles looks like a dark spot or bruise. This spot will have the granules knocked away resulting in cracking and holes in the shingle if not fixed.

 photo found by Brad Diepholz             photo found by Brad Diepholz

photos found by Brad Diepholz

If water seeps through the shingle it may cause mold to start growing if not addressed properly. When mold starts it must be disclosed to the buyer. To avoid delays at closing you should have the roof inspected by a roofing company along with the regular home inspection.


Hail damage can be very difficult to detect even when standing on the roof. Not knowing what to look for Homeowners will sometime try and fix these problems themselves resulting in voiding their insurance claim or manufactures warranty.


Your local roofing company is trained to spot these types of damage. If you need help finding a qualified roofing company let me know and I will be more than glad to help you. I network with roofing companies throughout the United States.


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