I am clearing off my desk. In memory of 3 Uncles: Walter, Gene & JR

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Central Rhode Island Licensed in RI: 35311

I am clearing off my desk getting ready for my vacation and I can not help but feel gratitude for my broker and the staff at my Keller Williams office in Cranston.  What a great real estate agency in Rhode Island.

Recently I attended a six week training session one day a week for six weeks with a couple dozen fellow agents and part of the training was to sit with our calendar and block off time that was important to us.  We blocked off time to work hard at what would produce income to make a living.  And we blocked off time to play hard at what would sustain our mindset in work, family, and everything that mattered to us.

So when I pick my daughter up from daycare this evening I am on vacation.  It seems like a simple little vacation to most people.  But for a determined agent like myself, who strives to serve my community with their real estate needs it took all of my being to not schedule appointments and commitments this weekend!

So it makes me happy to let you all know I am clearing off my desk getting ready for my vacation.

Who do you know I need to know interested in starting a career in real estate?  Have them call me on Tuesday June 2, 2015 when I will be back at my desk.

*This post is dedicated to my three special uncles who served their country and were role models to me: Uncle Walter

Uncle Gene and

Unce JR.

In fact, Uncle Walter was my very first real estate client...he gave me my big break.  Thank you all for your sacrifice and bravery.



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