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Tapestry Homes Review #1
Dear Mr. Osterman,
I don't usually take the time to thank people for exceptional performance, however in this case, I feel compelled to do so.
As president of the 5000 unit community of Kings Point in Tamarac, I am pleased to say that the community and homes you built for us are of the highest quality. The buildings are 10 to over 25 years old, withstood hurricanes and stood the test of time. Additionally, the community has provided a great lifestyle for thousands of people over the years.
Whenever we had a concern, you were sensitive and responded in a timely and professional manner. In todays world it is not very often one has the opportunity to interact with someone of your knowledge and integrity.
Thank you,
Len Ronik, President
Tapestry Homes Review #2
Dear Dawn,
I just wanted to write this short letter of appreciation for all the wonderful people who have helped us choose, move in and enjoy our wonderful Tapestry Homes built home at Vero Lago. We have been here a year now. Dawn it is always nice to talk with you. We don?t know how you do everything, so professional and fast.
Our experience has been one of having first class service on every level. We could never have done it or been as happy without the help of Sales Associate Therese PoIvan. She sold us the perfect floor plan (for us), in a great location and did an amazing job of coordinating the options, colors and gave us a list of venders (furniture, window dressing, electricians, etc.) we found invaluable. I could write an entire letter on just how much she helped us before the move, during the move and after the move. That is way beyond even high-end service.
The Construction Manager Roy Beam took us through the house and demonstrated everything in the house. He reminded us, several times, he was just a phone call away should we need help or have a question. He provided us with so much information regarding things we should do or maybe do, made using and maintaining the house a snap. Again, the service level is remarkable. We have only had a few issues and all were resolved in 24 hours. I called Roy because our air conditioning did not seem to work one day. He said he would be over in less than 15 minutes. He looked outside and said it was the outside unit. He told me to call you (Dawn) to start a ticket and he ran down the street and had a Del-Air technician on site waiting for a ticket so he could fix the air conditioner. Three minutes later the ticket came to the Del-Air tech and he replaced a condenser and the air conditioner was running fine all in about 25 minutes. Now that is miraculous. Six months after we moved in we found a small crack in a tile. That was fixed the next day. Needless to say, you stand behind your work at Tapestry Homes.

We are so happy we live at Vero Lago. The grounds are kept like a golf course. The pool, gyms and tennis courts are surgically clean. I mentioned this to Tom the Home Owners Association representative and he very humbly said they try to get the best people to provide the best services available.
The lawn and grounds folks are friendly and curious as all the people associated with Vero Lago. You can?t tell all of these things by reading a web site or by a quick drive through, so I hope someone who has interest in this property will read this and know that the service level and the way the products are stood behind lends itself to a relaxing, enjoyable and carefree life style here at Vero Lago.
Charles and Wendy
Tapestry Homes Review #3
Hi Therese,
I'm sorry we missed you at the closing on Thursday, but we just wanted to thank you for all the help you?ve given us in our home-buying there in VeroLago.
We really enjoyed every conversation and visit we had with you and I?m extremely grateful for the patience you had with my questions. The help and information you gave us was invaluable. You were the sunshine we needed.

I certainly hope we get to see you when we?re permanent residents. Please stop in any time because you have an open invitation. We?ll have a toast with the champagne we received! And you can see what we do with the house. I LOVE that beautiful front door!!
We'll be in touch.
Elaine & Bo

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