Candidates needed to run for Kalamazoo City Commissioner-ASAP

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Anyone who has considered running for Kalamazoo City Commission is encouraged to take this opportunity to run. Now is the time to begin the process to be a candidate for the November election. The process beings with obtaining only 75 signatures. I would be willing to help with this. We deserve better than what we have now. As an unhappy Kalamazoo Voter, I welcome you to run so we have more options than the current status quo. We desperately need diversity on the commission who will consider the needs of the entire community and not just the downtown, Winchell, Stuart and Milwood Neighborhoods. Residents within Kalamazoos Northside Neighborhood, Vine Neighborhood, Eastside Neighborhood are highly encouraged to run. These areas have no representation at the present time. We desperately need business owners, Realtors, appraisers,  ministers, teachers, councilors, nurses or common working class persons on this commission, for the balance of power. The current city commission is drunk with power and out of control, leaving non elected staff charged with making decisions for us. We are the City of Kalamazoo and not the Downtown of Kalamazoo. We need to embrace our entire city and those who make up the entire fabric of our community. The poor and residents of modest means need protections from predatory text amendments designed to relocate them. Existing business owners deserve respect and consideration. The diminishing tax base must stop dead in its tracks and measures must be taken to begin reversing itself. Our entire city deserves this and should demand it for our future since the current commission has allowed it to pass the tipping point, with over 50% of the city parcels now generating NO property tax revenue. This has put an unfair burden on those who do pay property tax. Everyone must pay their fair share to support the costs of police, fire, schools and roads. Please consider running so that we have better options than we do today. Your city needs you to run for Kalamazoo City Commissioner this year.









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