When it comes to wall-mounted TV-Does it stay or does it go?

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The process of buying a home is a case study in the art of negotiation. Everything — from the purchase price to occupancy dates to the inclusion of appliances to “repairs” of issues raised during an inspection — are subjected to a give and take between the buyer and seller. Heck, even the commission a real estate professional earns is negotiable. More often than not, the contract used by the buyers and sellers specifically deals with each of these issues. But when it comes to the matter of fixtures — you know, those things such as lights, ceiling fans, shades, etc. — things can become a little less black and white. When selling a home in North Carolina, all fixtures transfer to the new homeowner upon sales unless otherwise noted in the offer to purchase. So, art and family pictures hanging from a hook on the wall are NOT fixtures, but wired wall sconces and built-in microwaes are both examples of fixtures.


One fixture that sellers often get confused about is a mounted television. It's a personal appliance, so does it convey.  Yes, because it's on a mount secured to the wall that is only removable with the help of a screwdriver.  But don't worry!  Just because you're listing your home for sale doesn't mean the buyers is go to get a free TV thrown in, unless you want to entice some buyers with this added incentive!  You can easily communicate with buyers that the TV is not included in the sale of the home.  There is a place for fixtures exceptions on the listing and offer paperwork, as well as a place to note that in the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) for other agents to see.


If there's something in your home that you aren't 100% sure is a fixture or not, communicate it to your Realtor.  It's better to state that something isn't  remaining than it is to take something with you that the buyers is expecting to stay.  That can get you in hot water and delay closing or lead to legal issues after the fact.

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