Information About Asphalt Shingles-part 1

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Information about Asphalt Shingles-part 1


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Asphalt shingles come in two varieties, fiberglass and organic. A fiberglass asphalt shingle consists of a woven fiberglass base mat covered with a waterproof asphalt coating and topped with granules that shield it from UV rays.


The granules that lay on top of the fiberglass asphalt shingle are made of ceramic. Do to the construction process of this type of shingle less asphalt is needed to give the shingle its durability and strength.


With less asphalt used this makes the shingle lighter in weight but keeps its strength and durability high. Fiberglass shingles have a higher fire rating over organic shingles.


Fiberglass shingles were developed sometime in the 1980’s. Today this shingle is the most popular roofing material for homeowners and contractors.


The organic shingle is made from recycled paper or waste and asphalt saturated for waterproofing. It is also coated with adhesive asphalt into which the ceramic granules are embedded.


Many homeowners and businesses with this type of shingle had problems. They started to curl up or crumble after only a few years from the time they were installed.

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Photo found by Brad Diepholz                             Photo found by Brad Diepholz


The premature failure of organic shingles is particularly prevalent in the northern and Midwest parts of the United States. This is because of the extreme variation in temperature that occurs.

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Photo found by Brad Diepholz                            Photo found by Brad Diepholz


Most shingle manufactures have now stopped producing organic shingles all together and instead have been making fiberglass shingles.  There are several pending class action lawsuits against the different manufactures of organic shingles.


The lawsuits claim the organic shingle was defectively designed and manufactured. The manufacturing companies violated the fair trade laws by misrepresenting their lifespan by offering warranties for 25 years or longer.


A global federal class action settlement agreement was approved to compensate homeowners and business owners who purchased organic shingles manufactured by Certain Teed Corporation.



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