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Selling a Home in Denver 2015

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Many might think that finding a qualified buyer for your home is all there is to selling. However, bringing a contract to a successful close involves so much more. Even in a hot real estate market like Denver, selling for top-dollar and keeping the transaction together involves preparation, cooperation and negotiation.

Consider the home’s condition. When a homeowner fails to maintain a home, it is usually apparent immediately, and even if it is not, those material facts will inevitably surface at inspection. When a large number of small issues arise, buyers frequently perceive that there is a lack of integrity to the overall condition of the home. Feeling as though a home has experienced deferred maintenance greatly influences the buyers’ enthusiasm for a home purchase, to the point that they decide not to make an offer—or if already under contract, to back out of the deal. First impressions directly affect the bottom-line in a home sale.

In a seller’s market like we are experiencing in Denver, many are tempted to try the “For Sale by Owner” route. For a multitude of reasons too lengthy to list here, suffice it to say that it’s not worth the financial and legal risks. In order to successfully sell at the top of the market, it is critical to partner with a real estate brokerage that has relevant experience in this market, will protect your interests, and will guide you through the process.

To ensure our clients’ walk away with the best possible outcome, extensive measures are taken on the clients’ behalf. Before putting a home on the market, The Steller Group will tour the property with the owners and make recommendations as to which improvements will bring the greatest return. Our listing team specializes in guiding sellers through the difficult decisions and efforts that will achieve the maximum value from the sale. Comprised of professionals with extensive experience, we consider your personal home improvement budget and profit goals, and offer clear options. Historically, our recommended improvements bring a return on investment of two to three times the cost of the project, and allow home sellers to capitalize on the profits available in this ever-changing real estate market.

Free home staging and project management are two more of our unique offerings available to all of our clients, no matter the price point or job. Carolyn Brake, our in-house licensed Certified Home Staging Expert and project manager, is a leader in her industry. She has trained and accredited stagers across the country with Home Staging Expert Certifications (HSEC), and is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). She has an incomparable ability to transform space. From the coordination of needed home improvements to her mastery of core design elements, she is one of the secret weapons in The Steller Group’s arsenal. Carolyn’s endless enthusiasm and tireless work ethic translate into listings that are presented at their fullest potential, allowing them to sell for the highest amount possible.

The quickly changing real estate market means that historic home values can be significantly under current market values. Because of this, appraisals are coming in at a price below what the buyers offered in the contract. Appraisers don’t like to go out on a limb and overvalue a property without justification from solid data. Brokers, homeowners and buyers must be prepared for ongoing negotiations. This is a vital area in which having a dedicated, savvy agent on your side can not only save a deal, but protect your investment.

To learn more about The Steller Group and how we work, please call us at 303.539.5228 or visit our website. We are happy to provide guidance and assistance with any of your real estate questions or needs.

Selling a home in Denver 2015

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Hey Conrad, welcome to the rain and always like seeing participation form others here in the Denver area as well as all of Colorado for that matter.

You are so right this is NOT for the feint of heart now is it!

Keep blogging and continued success

May 28, 2015 08:27 AM
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Thanks for sharing!! Great information for buyers and sellers in your area!

May 28, 2015 09:46 PM