To Video, or not to Video??

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We always video each home we list so those viewing will have an opportunity to view the home as if they are walking through it.  Years ago I used one of the first HD cameras to create those videos.  It took a long time, and quite frankly, I'm not sure they were ever even viewed!  

Then we got iPhones and life was much easier.  I could video and upload to YouTube immediately.  Quality wasn't always great, but it was acceptable.  

Now I strap a GoPro on my head and walk the property.  The GoPro requires a bit more work than the iPhone video, but it is really worth the extra effort.  The quality is great and much smoother.

I wish I could use a drone to get good exterior videos, especially with our waterfront properties.  But, alas, that does not appear to be on the horizon any time soon!

All of the statistics I read say that videos are important in listing properties.  Statistics aside, do you find they help sell your listings?


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