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Spotsylvania Farm


As far as residential deals are concerned this one had all the variables and then some.  We start with a home built in 1817 and a 2 story, large red barn that may be just as old.  Throw in atleast 4 wells, a septic system that is still in operation (the possibility of old systems on the property are likely), a commercial grade back-up generator, multiple other out-buildings, and meticulous landscaping.


In a growing county, nestled between Richmond and D.C., this 35 acre farm sits on the corner of 2 very busy 4-lane roads.  If it were not for the Virginia Outdoor Foundation Easement, the 2 Acres on the corner would have likely sold for well over a million dollars to a convenience store and gas station.  Instead the whole property was purchased for $682,500.  Along with the farm came a 2 acre parcel with a small rambler on a basement.  The 81 year old woman living in that home holds a life estate on that property which was granted by the previous owner.  Upon her death, the full rights to the property will pass to the current owner of the full farm.


For a full write-up on the property, see the article below:

Sunny-Side Farm




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