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I recently changed employers but with some reservation. I really like the guy that I previously worked with and hope to remain long term friends with him. I'd worked with him in the past and jumped at the opportunity to work with him again because we work well together. 

My issue was with the bank which shall remain nameless in this blog post. They just seemed to have such a backwards process. They wanted files that met the 100% QC test but when we submitted clean files they deconstructed them and then asked us for everything that we submitted in the initial file. Worse than that they contacted borrowers directly asking for the same documents already provided to us. The pricing was insanely high too. Interest rates seemed to be 6 points above daily par rates. There were other issues as too but you get the idea. Sometimes you just know when it's time to go. 

I took my time to research various lender's and the one that really stood out to me was Guaranteed Rate. Aside from their solid growth the past few years, they seemed to be really polished so I dug further. I learned that Guaranteed Rate, Inc prides itself on providing the lowest available rates as the name of the company implies. They also operate under a strict set of core values which is integral to the entire operation.

The hiring process was around 3 months long and I wasn't sure the entire time whether or not I would actually get the job. I also kept having reservations about it because I really like my former colleague and wasn't sure that I could sever the work relationship without damaing our friendship.

I got through the hiring process and got a start date of May 26th and I worked with my former colleague and friend up until the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. My laptop arrived on time and I started my training that Tuesday. I also managed to end things on good terms with my former colleague.

This bank is the most polished and streamlined organization I have ever seen since beginning my career 11 years ago. The interest rates are the lowest I have ever seen by comparison and the process is like clockwork.

It's a huge organization but they have treated me like family. Everyone is so nice and throughout the training the integration of the core values is apparent in every faucet of the company.

I am very happy to be a part of Guaranteed Rate in Plattsburgh, NY. I will be sharing a lot about this bank here!

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