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"Let's not even look at any houses without a home warranty!" proclaims the husband of a commercial playing on the radio as I turn from Silas Creek Parkway onto Reynolda Road.

What is a Home Warranty Anyway?

A home warranty is basically a insurance policy on the systems and appliances in your home. There is typically a yearly fee that a homeowner pays to a home warranty company to cover items like the dishwasher, HVAC, or wax seal on your toilets. If for instance thermostat were to quit working the home warranty company would send out an HVAC technician who would diagnose the issue and repair the problem for a small deductible. Often home warranties in Forsyth can be upgraded to cover additional items like garage door openers, hot tubs, and refrigerator.

How Can Home Warranties Help Sellers?

The idea behind the commercial was that buyers will be more likely to look at and buy your home if you have already purchased a home warranty in Forsyth for them. In reality any buyers that only look at homes in Forsyth County with home warranties have drastically narrowed down their options. A quick search of the MLS show zero properties with the phrase "Home Warranty" in the remarks section for all of Forsyth County.

The reality is that home warranties in Forsyth are typically  negotiated with the contract. This way as a seller you aren't paying for something upfront that the buyers didn't want anyway. Also, when negotiating the contract the buyer's are able to pick out their own company and policy to best fit what they want or need. Buying a home warranty upfront is a risk that may or may not pay off for the seller. Sometimes having a home warranty in place can make certain types of buyers feel better about your home. It's best to consult your real estate professional to make the best decision before purchasing a home warranty to help sell your home.

What's in a Home Warranty for Buyers?

Buying a home is almost always stressful. Whether you are buying a brand new house or what that's been around a while, it can be hard to tell if systems were installed properly or how long they will last. If you haven't saved up a nest egg to cover any costs associated with maintaining your home after you've purchased it, negotiating to have a home warranty in Forsyth included in the purchase may be a great idea. If the water heater were to fail a week after purchasing your home. Possibly there was corrosion on the inside unnoticeable to the home inspector. Your home warranty in Forsyth would cover the cost of a new water heater, labor, and damages.

In addition, your home warranty may also cover the costs of higher replacement costs that are likely as manufacturers are required to have higher energy efficiency ratings on all water heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015. These new water heaters are larger and may require more space in your home than was previously required to be up to code. The right home warranty in Forsyth will cover the costs of repairs and alterations to bring your new water heater up to current standards.


I would never recommend any of my clients only look at houses with a home warranty. Finding the right house for them is much more important. Afterwards, we could negotiate for a home warranty. Buying a home warranty in Forsyth as you list your home isn't always in your best interest. If you are looking at selling or purchasing a home and want to know if a home warranty in Forsyth might be a good idea for you The Carolina Crew can help, email us to schedule a consultation today at info@thecarolinacrew.com


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