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Finding and Buying Homes in Calgary is a process...

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The Internet & Technology is rapidly changing the way we find and buy homes.

Homes for sale are much easier to find for everybody, not just ®Realtors anymore.

The number of homes viewed in person before buying has increased substantially.

New Technologies enable Realtors to organize and book a large number of showings in a fraction of the time it once took.

GPS Mapping Devices have cut down the driving distance between showings, which allows buyers to see many more homes in a shorter time period.

A bit of the down side to some of this technology is you will find a lot of homes on the Internet that are already sold. And lots of enterprising scammers trying to take advantage of people looking to buy a new home..

You also begin to notice the beautiful pictures on the Internet sometimes look much better than when you see the home in person.

GPS Maps are not always accurate and you may find the perfect home is next to a freeway or factory or worse.

Managing paperwork is rapidly changing and becoming paperless for Realtors. Adding to the efficiency of managing the Home Buying Process. You can legaly approve documents on your smart phones, tablets and computers in minutes in Calgary.

The Internet and Technology have improved the buying process and provides better information and control to consumers like never before.


However it is still a process.... that takes time, patience and great Realtors...



Sana Solanki
Kingsway Real Estate - Brampton, ON

Buying or selling a huge process... and you are right it takes great realtors.  Good Luck .. Please refer me if you know of somebody looking to move to GTA.  I will do the same. 

Sep 09, 2016 10:31 AM