Brad Diepholz talks on Information about Asphalt Shingles-part 3

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Brad Diepholz talks on Information about

 Asphalt Shingles-Part 3


Brad Diepholz found the follow information


The manufactures now warrant asphalt shingle starting at 20 years and going up to 50 years. This wide span of different warranty times is due to climate, weather and environmental factors.


Homeowners in areas enduring long summers with high heat may need to replace their roof sooner than homeowners in cooler regions. The most damage is done to asphalt shingles when there is a sudden spike in temperature.


For example when the night temperature is around 50 degrees and by midday the temperature reached 90 degrees. This rapid change in temperature reduces the life of an asphalt shingle.


In areas known for severe winters, ice dams form as water freezes at night when the temperature drops below freezing. This can cause tiny cracks in your shingles, which will result in leaking.

 Photo found by Brad Diepholz     Photo found by Brad Diepholz     Photo found by Brad Diepholz


Roof pitch also affects the life of a shingle. The steeper the slope or pitch the better. The faster water and ice drain off your roof the less destructive it will be.


It is for this reason that architectural shingles are not recommended for a low slopping roof. A low slopping roof is more likely to have wind-driven rain and ice buildup.


Algae and fungus growth can also be potentially damaging for roofing in perennially damp or subtropical areas. Depending where you live you might want to consider algae-resistant shingles.


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This type of shingle is coated with leachable copper to prevent discoloration and long-term damage from algae and moss growth. The cost on these shingles are around 10 percent to 15 percent higher than the regular shingle.


No matter which type, style or color you select, you will want your asphalt shingle purchase to include a warranty. Be aware that the DIY installed shingle may not be covered. If the manufacturer determines the shingle was installed improperly the warranty coverage will be nullified. Warranties mainly cover defects and not installation.


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