Six DIY Projects that will Prepare Your Home for Sale!

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Hello, Everyone!


In this blog I will share eight easy tips that will not only help you get the most from your home, but also help get your home sold quickly.


Bathroom Updates:

**Adding a custom frame to a plain mirror can make a huge difference in the overall 

ascetic of the space. This little project is not only economical, but it also can be done in just 

one afternoon! Creating custom framed mirrors for your bathroom is a worthwhile upgrade, 

because it can draw a greater interest from buyers. Check out the two sources listed below 

your home, but also help get your home sold quickly.

for step by step instructions on how to make yours today!


**Click Here for Custom Framing Tutorial One**


**Click Here for Custom Framing Tutorial Two**


**Shining bathroom fixtures can make a lived in bathroom look NEW! Although this 

may seem like a minor detail it can make a big difference in the overall impression the buyer 

receives from the home. An inexpensive but effective way to get your fixtures back to new is 

by soaking them with a simple vinegar solution. Check out this all natural way to get rid of all 

of those unwanted water stains and mineral deposits!


**Click Here for the All Natural Cleaning Solution**


**Clean bathtubs and toilets are crucial in the sale of your home. Like I mentioned 

previously, bathrooms have a serious influence on the overall perception of a home. An easy 

and inexpensive way to get your bathrooms one step closer to “market ready” is with this 

simple solution!


**Click Here for the Best Bathroom Cleaner Around**


Main Room Updates

**Decluttering is SO important! Having a clutter free environment gives the potential 

buyer the clean canvas they need to envision their family in your home. However, a few 

family pictures or personal touches may help the buyer do just that. If a buyer cannot picture 

their family living in the space chances are a sale is off and they will be on to the next home. 

Check out the link below for a “HOW TO” on systematic decluttering!


**Click Here for a Step by Step " HOW TO" on Decluttering**


Kitchen Updates: 

** Adding backsplash to your kitchen can potentially change the whole vibe of the 

space. With that being said it is an easy fix that can create a drastic transformation! Although 

this project may seem a little scary on the surface, it is nothing you cannot handle! Roll-up 

your sleeves and follow these step by step guidelines that will transform your kitchen!


**Click Here for a Step by Step Tutorial on Installing Backsplash**


** Flowers or fruit are great ways to bring life into your home! When potential buyers 

are viewing your home you want to make sure that they feel welcomed, and an attractive

flower or fruit arrangement can do just that. It can be as simple as picking up fresh 

hydrangeas from HEB and sticking them in a vase that you have at home! I love this tip, 

because it’s easy, inexpensive, and supports a positive environment in your home.


CLICK HERE to for more tips on how to sell your home quickly!


Thank-you for reading!


Margaret Rose Stewart

Re/Max The Woodlands & Spring

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