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Sell Your Home Quickly By Staging!

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 A great Realtor takes into account the little things that truly engage and capture the clients interest. Realtors who upload cluttered and messy photos of their beautiful properties to the MLS make it difficult to give potential buyers a great first impression of the home. It may seem trivial to clean up the property before you take some snap shots but in my experience it is a great way to ensure that your home will generate more showings. 

Clean up the clutter- Hide personal items in a box and store them in one of the closets. Keep things as minimalistic as possible; this includes family photos. It gives the client an idea of where they can put their things. A clean and clutter free space also looks larger in size!

Centralize the furniture- Opening up the space around your home will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but will also make it easier for the potential buyers to walk around your home. Think "feng shui".

Open the blinds- Potential buyers love a home with lots of natural light. Not only does it cut electricity costs and make the room seem larger but it also makes the home feel warm and cozy. Try transparent window treatments to show off your lovely view!

Freshen up your home with fresh flowers and incense- Walking into a home that smells fresh and clean will make your guests feel much more welcome. You want to appeal to all of their senses. Smell is extremely important. Bake some cookies or use my favorite trick of boiling a pot of water, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, clove and orange zest. Make your home memorable!

Staging your home, not only for showings, but for the photos your Realtor will be uploading on the MLS is a great first step to a successful sale. Remember that first impressions are important. Happy staging!



Let us know about any other staging tips you may have!

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Sasha McCormick

Whenever I show properties I like putting some ambient music especially for my open houses. It makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable for clients. Great post!

Jun 15, 2015 02:41 AM