Thinking about selling upgrade your investment for a better and faster return

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Make your home a more pleasant place to live, and you will profit from it when is time to sell. How much you spend on renovating depends on the value of your home. you will always get your money back if you spend it in the right places.

.Make minor improvements paint the front door and trim to make a great first impression.

 Paint the interior of your home in light, pale colors. Pale colors enlarge the space and you want your home to  look as spacious as possible.

 Replace or add new hardware on the kitchen cabinets,resurface floors,re-carpet where needed and make it look  like a fresh new home.

 Splurge a little more on the landscaping, keep things low near windows but lush and fill any bald spots.

 Get rid of your stuff, family pictures,furniture, especially expensive objects and paintings,art, store if you have  to.

 Let light shine through replace dark lamp shades increase the wattage of every light bulb make sure to replace  all the burnt out ones.

 Replace shower curtains and put out fresh and clean, or new towels make sure all changes or improvements you  make are neutral.

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