When It Comes To Referrals I Just Simply Ask For Them

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Who doesn't want a referral? Of course you do, but are you asking for one? If you are asking, when are you asking? At the closing table? After the closing? Months down the road?

George reminds us that #1 we need to ask, and #2 we need to be asking all throughout and after the transaction. Seems pretty simple.

Original content by George Souto NMLS #65149

When it comes to referrals I do not believe in using "gimmicks" "tactics" or "scripts".  My approach is simple and to the point.  When It Comes To Referrals I Just Simply Ask For Them at every possible opportunity.  I not only ask for referrals at every possible opportunity, I expect to get the referrals as well.

If I truly did the bang up job I thought I did for my Borrowers, why would I not expect them to refer me to their friends and family?  Why would they not want to share with their friends and family the name of the Loan Originator who provided them with great service?  Asking for a referral from a Borrower who is happy with what I did for them, should be as natural as breathing.  But yet sales people seem to have this HUGE problem in just simply asking for what should be the most natural thing for them to do, and resort to "gimmicks" "tactics" and "scripts" instead.

I am not ashamed of what I do, in fact I am very proud of it.  I tell EVERYBODY I come in contact with what I do within a few minutes of meeting them, and if I already know them they will be reminded of what I do over and over again.  Referrals are the life blood of a sales persons business.  Referrals are vital to our success.   

In my opinion when it comes to sales there are very few thing more important than asking for referrals.  This is why I feel so strongly about asking for referrals, and I have blogged about this topic before.  Anyone who feels uncomfortable (ashamed) asking for referrals, or thinks it is pushy, I suggest they ask themselves these three simple questions:

  • Would they hesitate to give someone a referral who did a good job for them?
  • Would they not want to share the great experience, and service they received with others they know?
  • So if they did a great job for a client, does it not make sense those they did a great job for would want to refer them to their friends and family?

If these questions are answered honestly, in my opinion there can only be one answer to each of them, YES, YES, YES.  The only thing stopping our clients from giving us referrals is US.  We don't ASK!  If we do not ask, we most likely will not receive. 

I ask for referrals by simply:

  • Giving out my business card EVERY chance I get.
  • Asking everyone I know to refer me to the people who they know who are purchasing a house or refinancing
  • Asking my Borrowers at every step of the Loan Process for referrals:
    • Pre-Approval
    • Application
    • Commitment
    • Closing
    • At every future contact

My advise to everyone who is in a sales related industry, is to ask for referrals, it is the simplest and best way to get them.  Referrals are what keeps us in business, and others EXPECT us to ask for them.  Anyone in a sales related field who is afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to ask for referrals needs to do themselves a favor and find another profession to be in.  If a sales person does not ask for referrals, in my opinion success in sales is not in their future.

When It Comes To Referrals I Just Simply Ask For Them at every possible opportunity.  If you want referrals I strongly suggest you do the same.




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