I don't want to get a real estate inspection done.

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How often do I hear this statement? Frankly not often but whenever I do, I know there are certain steps I need to take in order to best protect my client and myself.

From the stubborn to the cheap to the plain ole 'I already know it' all's, sometimes I run across a home buyer that refuses to do a home inspection on the house they are planning to buy. It can be for whatever reason. Maybe they have a kickass set of tools that they want to try out, maybe they just know everything they need to know about a house and they don't need someone else telling them of any issues, maybe they have a friend of their wife's second cousin who can telepathically tell them what is what needs to be fixed in the house. For whatever the reason it's their choice. 

It's not a legal requirement to have a home inspection done. It is merely a tool to protect the home buyer. But what happens when a home buyer opts out of paying to have a home inspection completed? Well a few things happen.

First a homebuyer cannot reasonably expect any concessions from the seller for repair or replacement work unless they have an inspection report completed by a state licensed home inspector. Some willy nilly scrap of paper from a friend of your old boss who happens to own a hardware store won't cut it.

Secondly, a Texas real estate agent is NOT a state licensed home inspector. They can't even pretend to be one by making off the cuff remarks about how difficult or how easy something would be to repair. So don't even try it.

Thirdly, a home seller and their agent need to protect themselves in the event no inspection occurs. There is a form (TAR - 2506 Inspector Information) that needs to be completed by buyers. This form essentially details what a real estate inspection will and will not do during the inspection. It also gives the buyer an option to acknowledge whether or not they will have an inspection conducted. This acknowledgement is what protects the home seller and their agent. It also protects the home buyers agent against any negligence. 

See..... a win - win for everyone. 

After all, you know that little yellow stain in the corner of the ceiling? It might not be smoke damage from a burning candle, it could be water damage from that massive hole in the roof that nobody can see. 

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Good evening Jody. Some folks are real cheap or they are on such a tight budget they cannot afford one.

Jun 17, 2015 09:30 AM