Organizing the Car

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Organizing the Car



‘Tis the season for long road trips for vacation or visits with family and friends, and no matter how far you go, you cannot get away from the mess in the back of the car!  According to a 2003 Arbitron study, the average person spends 15 hours a week in the car, and I think that is probably rising....Here are a few tips to help keep your car organized.


CD visor holder-keep all your CD’s within reach and not floating all over the car.


Sunglass visor clip-finding your sunglass will be a cinch.


Backseat organizers-attach to the back of the seats and holds tissues, umbrella’s, toys, drinks, books, maps, CD’s and movies.  Keeps everything off the floor in an easy to find, organized spot.  Keep some fabric softener sheets in here to wipe off the dash and vents for a quick clean up.


Trunk organizers-cargo holders and cargo nets that go in the trunk to hold everything from jumper cables to flashlights, ice scraper to sports equipment and keeps your groceries from rolling everywhere.


Collapsible waste basket-keeping the garbage in both the front seat and back seat contained and free of spills.


~Barbi Ford, Roomspinners Redesign

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