Brad Diepholz wrote about Choosing The Right Shingle-part 1

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Brad Diepholz wrote about “Choosing The Right Shingle part 1”


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Whether you are building a new home or replacing the roof on your existing home you have a lot to choose from. The list includes asphalt, wood shake, and composite in the shingle category.

 Photo found by Brad Diepholz               Photo found by Brad Diepholz           Photo found by Brad Diepholz


For tile roofs you can choose from slate, concrete, and clay. Style is an important factor. If you have an HOA you need to check with them and make sure they approve of your chose before moving forward. It would be to your advantage to get the HOA’s approval in writing.

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Some other factors that may influence your selection are product cost, the weight of the material (some roofs my not be able to handle the weight load), and the installation requirements.


In the roofing industry the roof in measured in squares. One square equals a ten-foot by ten-foot area. This equals a one hundred square foot area. For example a two-story home that has a livable space of 2,000 square feet would approximately have a roof that would be around 1,500 square feet which computes to about 15 squares.


When pricing for a new roof there some things that will affect the cost. The price of materials is not the only thing. If you are remodeling a house the old materials must be stripped off and hauled away.


The shape of the roof is another contributing factor. A gable roof with few or no breaks in its planes  (like chimneys, vent pipes, or dormers) makes for a simple roofing job.


A roof that has multiple chimneys, intersecting rooflines (these are called valleys), turrets, skylights, and furnace vents will cost significantly more to roof around.


When choosing the material a flat roof or a low slope roof will demand a different surface than one with a steep pitch.


Materials like slate and tile are very heavy so the structure of many homes are inadequate to carry the weight load.


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