Home Warranty....Value for Customer or Garbage?


Many times we think to purchase a home warranty for our clients, or we suggest they do so for themselves as a protection for their investment.


How often have we called upon the warranty provider to provide the service they promote only to have the age old response of..."thats not covered".  Or they subcontract out to the cheapest contractor that will use stopgap measures to do the quickest, cheapest repair job tha they can...usually because the fees they are paid by the insurance company are so much lower than the competitive rates they can command in the open market.


So into my world, with an excellent repeat customer who invests in two to three properies every 18 months, and now that they are in their new home, the one they planned to actually live in...the home warranty company refuses to replace the AC unit, and the company they contracted to repair the unit insists the parts are three weeks out...and it is 97 degrees, and forcast to continue to be that hot.

Of course, I imagine that the Home warrenty has it's merits, and benefits that serve the customers on small jobs and non-emergencies.  But are we doing our customers any favors by providing these, when in reality, when push comes to shove we may be letting them down?


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