Hi Guys! My startup Inzopa.com can help you rank higher in google searches!

Industry Observer


Inzopa uses deep data technology to make it possible for consumers to find the best local mortgage and real estate professionals based on who they are, where they are, what they have done, and how they are connected. Though a young startup, Inzopa has grown rapidly and established a presence across 34 US states. Their technology has sourced data for more than 5000 mortgage and real estate professionals representing over $20 Billion worth of market activity.Inzopa is truly the first of its kind in today’s marketplace with no direct competitors. There is no other online resource available that serves to connect all involved in the home buying process in one place with a customized experience. The only real alternative to Inzopa’s comprehensive data-driven approach comes from reviews and resumes which only hint at a professional’s customer service and experience.


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