Choosing a Reverse Mortgage Specialist Serving the Sacramento area

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Choosing a Reverse Mortgage Specialist Serving the Sacramento area


If you are looking for ways to unlock the equity in your home and re-position those assets for your immediate and future benefit, you need to work with a Reverse Mortgage Specialst.  Someone who is knowledgeable and experienced and who cares enough to put YOU and your family first before the sale.  There are fewer "reverse  mortgage specialists" than you think and the list does not include Robert Wagner, Fred Thomson or the Fonz. 

Internet shopping is a fine place to start since you may not know anyone Are you a member of the BBB or NRMLA?personally who has a reverse mortgage, but then you need to ask some important questions when you finally zero in on a couple of prospects that look good to you.  


Experience and integrity are what you should be looking for and your questions should include:

  • How much experience do you have with reverse mortgages?  (Since the rules keep changing you want to work with someone who is up-to-date on the guidelines and who helps seniors daily not occassionally.)


  • Are you (or your company) a member in good standing with the BBB (It is comforting to know if they are an accredited business. Verifying legitimacy will give you peace of mind.)  What about the NRMLA?  (National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.)


  • Do you have customer referrals or testimonials?  (Most people enjoy, learning from folks who have moved from a conventional mortgage to a reverse mortgage.)


Reverse Mortgages and fast food are quite differentChoosing a loan officer with no reverse mortgage experience is similar to ordering fast food.  Yep, they will answer your questions, they will take your order and they will deliver.  But do they know anything about the product?  Will they follow up?  Will they answer your questions after the sale?


Your motivation for choosing a Reverse Mortgage (or HECM) may be as a financial strategy (you want your investment portfolio to last longer), OR you may desire the relief that comes from knowing you no longer have monthly mortgage payments OR you may just plain need the money to pay off accumulated debt.


Your home in Sacramento, San Diego or Spring Valley is an important asset. Ask yourself if you like your home and want to remain there for many years. Learn from a Reverse Mortgage professional about reverse mortgage counseling, financial assessment and occupancy guidelines.  Learn about lines of credit, initial disbursement and loan repayment.  You need (and deserve) a complimentary reverse mortgage loan comparison with no strings attached from a Reverse Mortgage Specialist.   

If you are a homeowner, age 62 or older, I would be pleased to provide the  information you are looking for when choosing a Reverse Mortgage specialist serving the Sacramento area.



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