When Dogs Fly The Friendly Skies: Relocating With Pets

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When dogs fly the friendly skies, there are certain actions that must take place! Here is my story so that you have some idea of the preparations needed, so we are not scared out of our wits!


I suppose I should introduce myself! My name is Kia; I am a beautiful, well-mannered tan and black female Lab/Shepard Mix, who was freezing her "tail" off in Chicago, Illinois.


Aside from a warm place to live, long walks, my comfortable Posturepedic doggy bed, two meals a day, lots of treats, and belly rubs I do not require much to be happy.   


 And Then Came The Dark Times ...


My first airplane ride on American Airlines was supposed to be fun. However, because I weighed 50lbs and was unable to fit under my mom’s seat, the airline relegated me to the belly of the plane with the luggage and other unmentionables! I am still appalled at the very stringent requirements I suffered to get that primo spot! A girl has her pride! I was terribly scared and lonely down there.


That Demanding Department Of Agriculture … 


For me to take flight, I needed a pet health certificate, which is a document that includes pertinent information about me and my health.


It typically shows not only my information (e.g. name, age, micro-chipped) but also that I have received recommended vaccinations, am free of infectious, contagious or communicable diseases. This health certificate must be obtained within 30 days of travel and signed by your veterinarian.  


 Et Tu, American Airlines ...


 American Airlines also had strict requirements for me to travel. It included a particular type and size crate and if the measurements were off by one of my "hairs," I would lose my coveted primo spot in the belly of the plane. Thankfully, a supervisor who spoke “dog,” stepped in and saved the day. 


The Comforts Of Home Can Do Wonders For A Bitch …


To keep me from being frightened out of my wits, my mom placed a blanket with comforting smells from home in my crate. I was fed, given plenty of water, and allowed to go to the “lady’s room” prior to boarding the plane.


One particular note I must mention, if the final destination is warmer than 90 degrees at the time of departure, the airlines will automatically reschedule your flight for our safety. 


Yikes …


Our flight was rescheduled from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm., allowing Southwest Florida’s weather to “cool” down from a balmy 92 degrees to a polar vortex eliminating 85 degrees! 


The reason being should the plane have to sit on the runway at my final destination for any length of time without air conditioning, the rising temperatures inside the belly of the aircraft would be deadly for me.


It was bad enough that I was relegated to the belly of the plane but the thought of possibly suffocating there was disconcerting to say the least!! 


Finally, It Happened To Me ...


Finally, my long, cold and adventurous day in the polar vortex of Chicago slowly turned into a warm and beautiful star filled night in Southwest Florida. I have found my furr-ever home.


Okay, this is Kia signing off until next time. I just spotted a furry black thing, quite beautiful and shining; with two perfect white stripes upon its back ... and I must "say hello to my little friend"







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