Today; 6/22/15

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"The choice is ours,
in every moment." - M. J. Ryan ...
Kabul, Afghanistan - A co-ordinated Taliban attack on the -
                                 Afghan parliament has ended with all -
                                 six gunmen killed, the interior ministry said...
Veterans - Seeking health care but ending up on waiting lists -
                  of one month or more is 50% higher than it was a -
                   year ago...
Al says - From an actual Church Bulletin: -
               " The ladies of the Church have cast off
                clothing of every kind. They may be seen
                in the basement on Friday afternoon." ...
Argentine - President Cristina Fernandez will not seek -
                   another office when her second term ends -
                   Dec. 10. ...
Brazil's - President Rousseff's approval rating has fallen -
               to a level not seen in two decades...
Leroy says - My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION: -
                     "Just wait until we get home." ...
'Jurassic World' - was No.1 at the box office -
'Inside Out' - was No.2...
Pat says - Is a dog better dressed  in the summer or winter?
Word for Today - boodle - \BOOD-l\ - noun - 1. The lot, pack, or crowd. -
                                                                       2. A large quantity of -
                                                                something, especially money...
Rose Oils - for smoother and younger-looking skin. -
                   That's because Rose Hip and Rose Oils -
                   contain high levels of vitamin A, which -
                   increases skin-cell turnover and reduces -
                   wrinkles, and vitamin C which helps even -
                   skin tone. ...
U.S. Open Champ - Jordan Spieth, birdied his final hole to become -
                                 only the sixth player to win both the Masters and -
                                 the U.S. Open in the same year...
Thought for Today - "It does not matter how slowly you go
                                  as long as you do not stop."
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