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Saint Joseph the Carpenter Helps in Selling Houses

The St. Joseph Payer to Sell a House is said to help homeowners expedite the sale of their home. This Catholic tradition dictates that it's words should be recited every day, and a statue of St Joseph is to be  buried in the ground of the house until the house is sold.

Prayer and Tradition of Saint Joseph 

This tradition is said to have begun with European nuns (around 1500 A.D.) who needed extra land to raise livestock and plant vegetable gardens. Nuns are traditional self-sufficient in their cloisters, which is why they were farmers and gardeners. They were living in a cloister and had medals imprinted with Saint Joseph’s image. The nuns wondered if burying the medals would expedite the process of their prayers being heard and answered. The nuns did eventually acquire more land, which they attributed to burying the medals and reinforcing the concept of turning one’s needs over to God. 


Historically, Joseph is Mary's (Jesus’s mother)  husband. Joseph is considered to be the patron said on workers, and was declared as the protector of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX in the 19th century. Beyond being the saint of home sales, he is also the saint against hesitation and doubt, expectant mothers, working people, immigrants and travelers, enjoying a happy death (having died in the arms of Jesus and Mary), and various countries (such as Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, and Austria). 


In the Catholic tradition, Mary is give much attention for her role as Jesus’ mothers, so it follows suit that Joseph would be granted sainthood and attributed to such important aspects of life. It suits that he is the saint against hesitation and doubt considering the situation he and Mary were in, and this fits well with the prayer for selling one’s home. 


The Saint Joseph Prayer to Sell Your Home goes as follows:


O Lord, please come to my help, making haste to aid me Almighty Father. Giver of all wonderful gifts and God of mercy, I kneel before you in praise and honor, imploring you in your saints foryour help in my abundant needs.As you have promised, those who ask shall receive, those who seek shall find, and those who knock will have doors opened before them. Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of my heart, granting my requests and pardoning my sins. Listen to the prayers of your church, Amen.


O St. Joseph, genuine and fair,you raised Jesus with the care of a father. You served Mary and shared your life with her in holy marriage, giving her a husband’s love. I give to you my request, entrusting myself in your care and love. Long ago in peaceful Nazareth, you followed God’s will with devoted strength, after the Holy Spirit spoke into your heart. 


And in the difficult choices I must make, in the silence of my days, aid me to follow the guidance of the Spirit, believing without sight. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen


Burial of the Statue


The burial of the medals eventually turned into burial of a statue of Saint Joseph, perhaps because statues of saints became more popular. Catholics believe, however, that it is faith that leads to answered prayers, not necessarily the burial of the statue. Yet the burial has become a symbolic part of the tradition and prayer. You can buy a statue of Saint Joseph on eBay, Amazon, or at 


Realtor burying statue of Saint Joseph 

The instructions for burying the statue of Saint Joseph are specific, so it is important to follow them if you would like to carry on this part of the tradition with your prayers. 


The instructions for burying your statue are below:

  • Ÿ Ensure that you bury the statue upside down. The idea behind this is that Joseph will have to work harder to leave the ground if he is buried upside down, finding a comfortable home for you to reside in. 
  • Ÿ Another option is to bury the statue so that Joseph’s hands (in prayer) are pointed toward your home, which is said to help direct potential buyers to your home. 
  • Ÿ Burying the statue near natural growth, such as a flowerbed or shrub, is believed to further expedite the sale of the home. 
  • Ÿ Choosing to bury Saint Joseph next to your For Sale sign about one foot deep in the ground can also expedite the process. Burying the statue this deep is to make sure Joseph has to work hard to leave the ground. 
  • Ÿ Once the home has sold, dig up the statue and place it honorably in your new home. 


Certain Psalms may also be appropriate as prayers for this process. Some of these include Psalm 91, Psalm 39:12, or Psalm 25. 


Selling a property under duress is a difficult process, and there are many reasons you might be in the tough situation of trying to sell your home as quickly as possible. This could be because the market took a turn for the worst and you want to sell before the value of your home decreases rapidly, or maybe you need to relocate for family or a job. Perhaps you are desperate to sell your house quickly because you can no longer afford it. Whatever the reason, there is a prayer for your needs.


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For more information on the prayer itself and the process of burying ths statue of Saint Joseph, the following website is a good resource:


You can find more prayers to help expedite the sale of your home at the following website:



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