Today; 6/24/15

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High 96  Low 78  Chance of Storms
"Your future depends on many things,
but mostly on you." - Frank Tyger...
Al says - Leftbank: What the robber did when -
                              his bag was full of money...
Estonia - The U.S. will spread about 250 tanks, armored vehicles, -
               and other military equipment across six former Soviet bloc -
               nations to reassure NATO allies facing threats from Russia -
               and terrorist groups...
Bellmont, NY - Hundreds of searchers spurred by evidence from -
                        a remote hunting cabin, combed through heavy woods -
                        Tuesday, searching for the two escaped murderers...
Margie says - One of the many things no one tells -
                       you about aging is that it is such a -
                       nice change from being young... 
Powerful Storms - That pounded the Midwest shifted on Tuesday -
                              to the East Coast...
Pat says - Is a dog better dressed  in the summer or winter?
                 He's better dressed in the summer because -
                 in the winter he has a coat, and in the
                 summer he has a coat and pants ...
New Home - Construction in the Charleston region is expected to -
                     continue rising for the foreseeable future as more people -
                     and businesses move to the area...
Word for Today - panoply - \PAN-uh-plee\ - noun - 1. A wide-ranging -
                                                                 impressive array or display. -
                                                                                 2. A complete -
                                                                                  suit of armor. -
                                                                                 3. A protective -
Dry Skin? - Try Omega-6s - Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a type -
                   of omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce dry skin. To get -
                   more through your diet, try taking a capsule of evening -
                   primrose or borage oil, or add a scoop of green spirulina -
                   to a smoothie. "Hemp seeds are also great--just sprinkle
                   a teaspoon on a salad or oatmeal for added benefits," 
                   says Slayton, who's the owner of the New York City -
                   nutrition-counseling firm Foodtrainers...
Thought for Today - "Delay is preferable to error."
                                      ~Thomas Jefferson
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