Brad Diepholz wrote about Choosing The Right Shingle-part 2

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Brad Diepholz wrote about “Choosing The Right Shingle part 2”


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One style of roof covering that I have not spoke about is a metal roof. A metal roof can be made from a variety of metals and alloys. This includes galvanized steel, galvalume steel, stone coated steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, terne, and stainless steel.

Photo found by Brad Diepholz                  Photo found by Brad Diepholz                   Photo found by Brad Diepholz


Steel is the most frequently used material in both residential and commercial applications due to its lower cost. Aluminum is the second most popular material. It is more durable and lasts longer than steel.


Copper roofs are the most durable of all and can last for hundreds of years. Due to the high cost few people choose to install an entire roof made from copper.


The cost for a steel standing seam roof starts around $600 a square. Aluminum is around $700 a square. Copper is typically installed as copper pans or standing seam panels starting at $1,000 to $1,400 per square.

 Photo found by Brad Diepholz          Photo found by Brad Diepholz         Photo found by Brad Diepholz


Steel roofs need to be coated with a special proactive coating to prevent corrosion. Aluminum, copper and zinc roofs do not need to be coated.


A metal roof can be installed over an old roof. This is possible because metal is an extremely lightweight material.


Metal roofs should be installed by a specialist with expertise and ample experience in installing metal roofing. If the installation is done incorrectly a metal roof will likely leak which may later cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


A metal roof should have a minimum slope of a 3:12 or greater. Metal roofs can also be installed during the winter unlike asphalt shingles where the roof temperature needs to be at least fifty degrees before installing.


Due to their longevity metal roofs have a very low maintenance. You will spend more money upfront than with asphalt shingles but in the long run you will actually save money.


When making the right choice for roofing you should consider all of your options. Some of those would be cost, color, texture, weight, and durability.


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