Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Luxury Home

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A Luxury home is a dream come true to many, with all the high end finishes and fabulous interiors. But to make sure that it’s value does not depreciate over time, proper maintenance is needed.


Here is some of the best advice from experts that could help you maintain both the appearance and value of your high end home.


Schedule cleaning and preventive maintenance

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds true – especially for luxury homes. Since these types of homes use only the best materials, having to replace or renovate them would cost you more. However this can be easily avoided by having scheduled inspections and maintenance of mechanical parts and features of the home.

Start from roof to the floor and cover wall to wall. Include heating and cooling devices, water systems, bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Needless to say, cleaning should also be of top priority. After all, our idea of high end real estate in Fairfield County always comes in sparkly clean images of well decorated and maintained interiors.


Use the right products and techniques for each type of finishing

Experts say that the secret to maintaining finishes of homes is to use the proper cleaning materials and techniques. Now this can be a bit tricky as there are a lot of different finishes found in such homes. So you have to educate yourself on the proper cleaning products for each.

For instance, marble and granite must not be exposed to cleaning materials with high pH levels so using wipes with water or dish liquid are often enough. Glass stains and grease can be handled by using vinegar. A bit of water plus a small amount of castile soap or vinegar can make hardwood floors shine. It’s important to keep in mind that natural products often bring out the best results.

Get on top of repairs and update interiors

If you know that your windows and doors need to be repaired, don’t wait until the next season to fix it. Do repairs as soon as possible to avoid increasing damages. Moreover, a fresh looking luxury homes is always more inviting. So keep your rooms in tip-top shape not just by handling repairs immediately but also by updating its interiors. A fresh coat of paint, new linens and curtains, and an elegant touch in decorations can always help.


Never neglect the curb

Many top luxury real estate agents in Fairfield County agree that one of the things that define a luxury home from all other homes is its truly terrific exterior. The “wow” appeal of these kinds of homes starts to show even before you enter the front door. So always make it a point to keep a strong curb appeal. Keeping lawns clean and cut, trees and shrubs pruned, and the driveway clutter-free are all important. Remember that the value of your home is affected by what people see both inside and out.


These simple tips can definitely help you maintain the value and appeal of luxury homes. With the proper advice from a seasoned agent, and with your effort, buyers will surely line up for your home any day.


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