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 When you use a Realtor who is entitled to use the designation – not all real estate agents are – you automatically know that he or she is licensed, and is a member of the National Association of Realtors. What you may not know is that you are tapping into the services of an entire network, not just a single Realtor.


Realtors are connected, in general, and through the NAR specifically. A Realtor who is not good at networking is like a surgeon who is not good with his hands!


So when your real estate needs go beyond a Realtor’s immediate market, you don’t need to worry. Your Realtor will be right there with good suggestions for who you can use. If he or she hasn’t had prior contact with the area you are interested in, someone in the NAR network has.


This is true locally and across the state. The chances that a Realtor is personally acquainted with the professionals that he makes referrals to in-state are very good. Realtors get around.


This is true out-of-state. They don’t call it the National Association of Realtors for nothing. Whether you’re looking at Vermont or Wyoming, Hawaii or Alaska, your Realtor’s personal network and the broader NAR network will be able to pinpoint the best professional to assist you.


This is true internationally. As the business world gets more “global,” many people find themselves looking at possible jobs or assignments in locations they may know little about, and where the language is unfamiliar. But the profession of real estate has also gotten more global, and there are agents in every country who specialize in international relocations and who communicate in excellent English. Your local Realtor can find them for you.


This is true of commercial real estate. Although the NAR is more commonly associated with residential real estate, the fact is that commercial brokers can be members, and even when they are not, are easily reached through a Realtor’s network. So if your needs extend to retail, office, industrial, or investment properties, or to vacant land, check with your Realtor first – he or she will know who to put you in touch with.


This is true of real estate-related fields such as appraisal, contracting and construction, property management, business brokerage, etc. Again, there are some NAR members who represent those specializations, and any Realtor will have extensive contacts in all these fields.


It’s a win-win set-up for the party who gets the referral benefits from the possibility of new business. The Realtor who makes the referral benefits by keeping the network “well-oiled,” and by receiving a referral fee. And you benefit from being put in touch with the best professionals, whose services you can trust. 

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