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So you’re coming to live in the McKinney area? Well, congratulations, and welcome! You and your family will surely enjoy living here. Of course, you have to get through your relocation first, and that can be taxing. It helps to remember that relocation is not just an event, but a process. And one that closely involves every member of your family, even the pets, and everything that you own. So it’s a big deal!


Working with a good Realtor, and often a good relocation specialist as well, is very helpful. Because when you arrive in McKinney, you want to be taking up residence in your dream home, and naturally, you have to find that home first. Nothing is more important to your peace of mind during the move than the thought that you will be happy at your destination.


If you are transferring to a new location for your current employer, it is very likely that they will provide substantial relocation services; many larger companies have extensive experience with relocation, and a smooth process in place. On a side note, we are Relocation Certified so you could recommend us instead of waiting for your company to assign you to someone who may or may not know this market.


If you are taking a new job and moving to the area for it, then some form of relocation assistance from your new employer should certainly be part of your salary-and-benefits negotiations.


The relocation process typically has three stages: Before, During, and After.


“Before” is all the preparation and preliminary work. Selling your old home; finding and buying your new home; researching your new location; finding employment for a “trailing spouse”; getting the whole family ready; arranging for a mover; deciding what you’ll bring with you, and then packing it all; arranging all the little practicalities.


Except those practicalities are not so little, really. Cancel services at your old location; set up services for your new location, set aside what you’ll need to take with you personally when you drive to your new home: jewelry and other valuables, passports and important documents, pets and plants. We provide a free concierge service that does all your utility services in one form at the best prices.


Get important records and/or have them transferred: educational, medical, dental, veterinary, financial, etc. Think about whether you’re keeping your old bank and/or starting with a new one. If you are changing states, you’ll have to think about your driver’s license and car registration, sooner or later.


Change-of-address notifications are important. Some can be done online these days, and the U.S. Postal Service is always helpful with COA issues.


A lot of these practical considerations connect directly with your research about your new location. You won’t be able to accomplish everything before you arrive, but some of it you will have to. Your children’s schools are at or near the top of that list, especially if you are making your move during the school year (and sometimes you won’t have a choice about that).


If your children will be enrolled in the McKinney Independent School District, rest easy: it’s one of the best public school systems in the country. 


“During” is the move itself. It’s always crazy; a thousand things are happening at once. But if you have prepared and organized well, you will be up to the challenge, including any unforeseen last-minute glitches or emergencies.


Assuming that you picked a good moving company, your movers can be very helpful. Because they have seen it all.


Hopefully your drive will be pleasant, whether it takes a few hours or a couple of days. But anticipation will be running high, everyone will be a little bit on edge, and in short it will be one of the most emotional drives you ever make. Just be prepared for that!


“After” is the settling-in time after you arrive. Don’t discount this as part of the relocation process; there is a lot involved. You need to unpack and to arrange your new home. You (and maybe your spouse) will be starting at a new job or a new office, with all the adjustments that entails. Your kids will be starting at their new schools and, very importantly, creating new social networks from scratch. This is hard for them, so go easy on your kids for a while!


You’ll be picking new service providers, more than you probably ever thought of like a new auto mechanic, a new barber or hair stylist, a new doctor and dentist and eye doctor and veterinarian, a new health club, and so on and so on. But this can be a lot of fun. Ask your new colleagues at work for recommendations. However, as your realty team we can recommend many of these service providers. Most everyone on the team has been in McKinney for many years and have experience with many different people serving the McKinney residents for all your needs.


You’ll want to make some new friends yourself. But don’t worry; this is Texas, and these are the friendliest people in the country. If your neighbors don’t approach you (but they probably will), approach them!


Your new church should be a great social resource. If you introduce yourselves to the pastors and make yourselves visible, you will make a lot of new friends without even trying.


Another trick for socializing in a new location is to get involved in a volunteer activity. You may think, I just moved, I’ve got no time for that, maybe a year from now. But honestly, if you can manage it, it is a terrific way to meet people now.


True story: Man moves to a new town, doesn’t know anyone there. During his first month, he drops by the city hall and asks to meet the mayor. Of course, the mayor is delighted to see him. He asks the mayor, “Have you got any committee openings or such that I could

volunteer for?” Yes, the mayor says, there is a free spot on the Planning Commission. Sounds great to the man. The mayor appoints him immediately. Through his service on the Planning Commission, the man gets to know everyone in municipal government, and everyone else who is important in town. In fact, he becomes someone important in town himself. And whenever he needs advice or assistance with respect to his new living situation, he has a couple dozen well-placed people he can ask.


So when you arrive in McKinney, you and the spouse might want to try this approach and visit the city offices yourselves!


And even before you arrive, the City of McKinney website has a great page with relocation materials that you’ll want to look at.


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Texas has severl cities considered good place to live. Income, housing, crime and safety......

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