Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!

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Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!

Courtesy of Heidi Herda, Keller Williams Classic Realty ~ 612.807.4858selling your home soon get these 20 moving tips

If you're planning to sell your home soon, the task of moving is typically the worst part. I have put together a few moving tips to help ease the inconvenience of a move.

1. The day you're planning to completely empty out your home, pack an overnight bag. This will be your essentials you'll need either when you get to your new home, or fiSelling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!rst thing in the morning. These should include things like:

  • Contact case/contact solution and a pair of glasses if you need them
  • Prescriptions/vitamins
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Washcloth, mini shampoo, conditioner
  • Face wash, hair brush and hair ties

Chances are, you'll be too tired to find these things after unloading and will need them right away in the morning.

2. After your overnight bag is packed, make sure you have an "open first" box which will include larger items that you will need first. These should include things like:

  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils
  • Snacks & water
  • Trash bags
  • Phone chargers
  • Box cutters

3. As you pack your boxes, it will be much easier to unpack if you label your boxes by what it is and what room it belongs in. Identifying fragile items is important especially if you're having friends/family or a mover you want to make sure your items are protected.

Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!4. While you protect your breakables, consider saving money by using hand towels, wash clothes or socks to protect your glassware, plates, and dishes. You're going to pack those items anyway and they work great to keep items from breaking during a move.

5. As you are removing larger furniture such as dressers or cabinets with drawers, it's best to take the drawers out and set them aside so they don't fall out or pinch your fingers while moving. Cover the drawer with plastic wrap or press n seal to keep your items in the drawer. Once loaded in the truck, put the drawers back in the base to save space in the moving truck or vehicle.

6. Keep lots of Ziploc bags on hand as you disassemble your cabinets, shelving, bedsSelling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips! etc. Use the Ziploc bags and label what the items are for, screws, nails, etc. Then either tape them to the item or save them in one large box with every Ziploc bag labeled so you can easily reassemble your items when you're ready to unpack.

7. The same system can be used for stereo or computer equipment. Labeling the cords with tape will help you remember where they should go. It also may be helpful to take pictures of items for reassembling purposes.

Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!8. Use Ziploc bags or plastic wrap to pack jewelry. This will ensure your earrings stay paired and your necklaces stay free from tangles.

9. Garbage bags are your friend! Some items such as throw pillows, stuffed animals and toys will be easier to pack in a garbage bag. Also, clothes hanging on hangers can easily be bagged in order to keep them clean, reduce wrinkles and then they will be ready to hang as soon as you make it to your new place.

10. Have you ever moved into a new space and thought boxes were missing? When packing boxes and labeling what room they belong in, you may want to number the boxes especially if you're having a moving service. This will help you keep track of your items when they're out of your hands. It will be easy to tell if something is missing.

11. If you're moving from or to a rental space it will be wise to take pictures of the condition that you left and the condition of the rental as you arrive to ensure that you have any damage documented and will not be charged for it upon vacating. 

12. Change your address at least two weeks before you move. This will ensure the post office has time to update your address so you will not have bills arriving after the due date. Also, remember to update your address with your bank, your credit cards, and any auto-pay items you have set-up. You will also want to update your address on your driver's license right away to ensure everything matches.

Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!13. Moving time is a natural time to eliminate items that you don't want. If you run out of time to do a garage sale, or you just don't have the time, Ebay, Craigslist and other online resources are available for items that still have value. Social media is also great for "online garage sales" check Facebook for community garage sale pages. You may want to start selling those items roughly six weeks in advance to ensure the products have been sold and removed from the property.

14. If you realize you're too close to the move date and have several items you just don't want, check with local charities and arrange a pick-up. Disabled Veterans, Blankets for Bridges, or any other shelter's near you will pick-up donations for free. If you have items for drop-off, Goodwill, or a local organization will likely take most of your items for free.

15. As your move date approaches, limit your grocery shopping. Filling your fridge will just ensure more items to pack and/or throw away. Having cooler's on hand is an easy way to unpack the freezer and fridge, labeling each will help when you get to the new place and can unload them quickly so your items don't spoil.

16. If you will be taking your appliances with you, make sure your dishwasher is unloaded so things don't break during the move and defrost any freezer's a few days prior to ensure they don't leak the day of moving. If you're not taking your appliances, remember to check them for anything that could be left behind.Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!

17. We all love our pets and children, but moving day is a good day to have a pet sitter or babysitter for the kids. Doors will be opening and closing during moving and pets or children may get out of the house. While most people have large furniture to move you would not want a pet or child getting hurt.

18. If you plan to hire a moving company, read the fine print to see if they charge extra for certain items. Piano's are very heavy and you may want to hire a company specific to moving your valuable items. Most moving companies will require items to be packed, labeled and ready for pick-up. Pre-wrapping items with old blankets or towels and wrapping them with packing tape can help keep dings of walls or scrapes on your furniture during the moving stages.

19. Moving day is a stressful day, setting time-lines and a schedule may help to keep everyone on track. Remember to thoroughly check all bedrooms, drawers, or appliances one last time before locking up the door as to not leave any of your items behind.

20. Last but not least, remember to move any utilities out of your name so you do not pay for service of the next tenant or homeowner. Arrange for a special garbage pick-up as necessary as not to be charged any extra for items left behind. A good cleaning is usually required with leaving a residence. You may be required to fill any nail holes, return the walls to a neutral color, sweep and vacuum and have the oven cleaned. Re-reading your vacate requirements a head of time will help you prepare for time consuming tasks and ensure you get your full deposit back if you're leaving a rental unit.

I hope my Heidi Herda Real Estate blog article, "Selling Your Home Soon? Get These 20 Moving Tips!" gave you helpful tips to make your move smooth! For more helpful tips, a FREE home valuations, or information on buying a new home connect with me! Heidi Herda, Herda Home Team ~ Keller Williams Classic Realty ~ 612.807.4858 #herdahometeam @heidihomesearch

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John Pusa
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Heidi - Thanks for the very valuable 20 moving tips to sale a home fast.

Jul 02, 2015 09:50 AM
Inna Ivchenko
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I really like your tips. Its is very useful to sort and mark everything. I'm moving soon and dreading the process;) Thanks for the tips!

Jul 08, 2015 04:21 PM